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You will find Best WhatsApp Status quotes to share with your friends and grab their attention. These statuses will help you express your feelings and emotions. You can use quotes to present your attitude towards people.

This can help you reflect on your personality and strengthen your character. You can also share love quotes to impress your loved ones.

These statuses also include motivational status. These lines will help you motivate and chase your goals in life.

You can share life statuses with your friends and let them know about your life. Maybe these quotes may help you get rid of your sorrows and learn to move on in life.

I will share the best WhatsApp status which will help you lighten up your mood and go ahead in your life.

Let’s get started!

Best WhatsApp Status For Boys

We, boys, we are childish. But, we have feelings!

Don’t cross me. You will experience World War III.

I’m not here to listen to your excuses. I’m here to watch your results.

I learned to move on rather than wasting time on silly things.

I know you are interested. But, I’m interested and I have a make it happen attitude!

whatsapp lines on success

Shut up and work. Success = Respect.

This is not the best time for you to love me. It is better you will prepare next time!

It is not always luck. You can make it happen anytime!

Eat Sleep, Work Repeat! You have less to no time to succeed.

I like to live my way. I never asked for your suggestions!

You cannot beat a person who is not afraid of losing.

I don’t care what you look like! I’m the best version of myself.

You can cheat me. But, one thing you must know is truth always wins!

whatsapp stylish quotes

You rejected me. It was your choice. It is my choice whether you can come back or not!

Stop staring at me! You will fall in love with me!

You can get a better man than me. But, believe me no one can replace me!

I’m not so good looking. I don’t prefer beauty. I prefer intelligence.

Be simple and everyone will respect you.

Believe me! Nothing is real until you accept it.

Hard Working people try once. Smart people try until they win!

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Best WhatsApp Status For Girls

I’m a small girl with big dreams and strong desires to win.

A kingdom is nothing without a king and the king is nothing without a queen.

 I’m a cute girl with a beautiful smile and a brilliant brain.

I’m a princess. But, I’m strong enough to defend myself.

I don’t have a pretty face. But, I have a pretty heart to care for you.

whatsapp quotes about girls

She is a limited version with a low patience zone.

I want it in my own way and I don’t care about it!

If you can’t impress me, it is not your fault! I’m not everyone’s cup of tea.

You can get me if you are strong enough to chase me.

My smile is attractive. You cannot forget me ever in life.

Love me, I will care for you. You can hate me, I will show my worst version!

I’m a precious stone. If you look at me, BEWARE! You can fall in love.

This is not the time to think about why people rejected you. This is the time to get up and prove them wrong.

attitude status cute girl

I’m a girl with a weird attitude. But, a good heart.

Time is not always by our side. You need to make things happen and pull it on your side.

I have faced many failures, faced many rejections. I always got up and fought for my dreams. Yes! This is me.

Life will never work as you say. If you are loyal to yourself, then life can support you to be happy.

Yes! Everyone wants to be happy. I like to make others happy rather than not to steal someone’s happiness.

You can call me happy or sad. It depends on how you treat me.

Girls are not selfish. It is because life makes them become that way!

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Best WhatsApp Status Quotes

Always hope for the best. Sometimes, bad days are necessary for celebrating good days.

You and you are only responsible to turn your bad days to good ones!

It is better to move on than staying in the past.

It is necessary to enter the conquer zone because the comfort zone is no more a success zone!

attitude status boys

I’m the best version of myself. I can, I will and definitely I must win!

Love is not the process. It happens accidentally and gives you an awesome life.

I’m experiencing the best time to work producing results like a BEAST!

Stop kidding with me. I can ruin your life like a kid!

Relax. Spend time with your friends. Friends are your mind relaxation.

I want every single minute to spend with you!

Be the best and no one will care to criticize you.

When you want to accomplish the dream, you can definitely achieve it.

It is our duty to learn from every mistake. Making the same mistakes can make you stand mediocre!

attitude status cool

Learn new things. Learning can help you to find ways for earning.

Your life can’t be successful unless you open your mind. This can happen only when we are ready to learn new things.

She is pretty and beautiful. I like to be with her because she cares like a lover!

I’m an introvert. But, I can tackle anyone.

You can change your life the way you want. No one can take your right!

You can heal the problem by looking at it as an opportunity to grow in life.

Nothing is true unless you accept it!

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Amazing Life Quotes

Life is hard when things don’t go according to your wish!

We always think life is difficult. This is because we haven’t really tasted success!

It is the life which teaches you. You are only born to learn.

It is better to go with the flow than to overthink!

Chasing things is what is life! Everyone has a different priority.

best whatsapp quotes

Life offers different twists at different times.

Every life twist is an opportunity to grow in life.

Every opportunity in life helps to prove yourself and move towards success.

Success in life can help you gain respect. It requires intense hard work.

Once you forget your comfort zone, life becomes easy for you.

Be kind. Be humble and you will be away from unnecessary troubles.

Get up and fight for your dreams. Regret and sorrows are your time killers.

I always try to stay away from the rat race and make my own identity.

It is okay to stay calm when your life is uncertain!

People will never want you to be happy. At least, you spread happiness.

inspirational lines for whatsapp

I always wanted to take advantage of opportunities. But, you won’t get things done before your time comes!

I want myself to be somebody rather than to be nobody.

It is better for you to be calm with me. I have hidden aggression!

Don’t find yourself in life. Life is about creating yourself.

Be a butterfly in life. Beautiful to see. But, hard to catch!

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Best Motivational Quotes

Failures are only opportunities to learn and grow.

Every goal seems to be impossible unless we accomplish it.

You have less to no time to wish it. Stop wishing for it and start making it happen!

If you are thinking about your good, it is better but not selfish!

Dreams are not seen when you sleep. They are seen when you sacrifice your sleep.

attitude status gym

Monetary goals will be achieved when you provide the best value for people.

In this world, no one will do for you. It is you that makes things happen for yourself.

There are two temporary things in life. They are success and failure. They are never permanent.

Listeners are more attentive than talkers.

You can achieve good knowledge by mastering your listening skills.

Update yourself daily. You cannot become a professional player in one day.

People have dreams. They work for it. But, only a few can achieve it. Focus is the matter!

It is not people who motivate you. It is you that inspires yourself to achieve your goals.

There are two types of people. One who tries once and gives up and others who try unless they achieve!

Stop thinking of the past, stop regretting, start working, start making things happen.

You cannot accomplish things with a negative attitude.

Negative things happen faster than positive ones. Start thinking positive!

You are the leader. You cannot achieve many things without a team.

I know you are talented. But, you have to achieve a 48 hours target in 24 hours.

The only way to make people jealous is to be SUCCESSFUL!

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That’s it!

These were some of my best WhatsApp status for you. I hope you liked all the quotes. 

These statuses will help you impress anyone. You can share it with your family and friends. You can also share some statuses to reflect your attitude towards life.

Also, if you have some from your collection, then drop your quotes in the comment section. 

I will definitely add in the upcoming statuses for you.


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