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Motivational Status For Students

शुरुवात तो तूने मुझे अपमानित करके की थी। अब देख मेरी कामियाबी का जलवा !

If you are not in a position to achieve WHAT YOU WANT, then you haven’t tried anything BIG yet!

It is complicated to handle stress. If you do, you will be different.

life status struggle

Work to achieve, breathe for success.

असफलता मिली हमेशा कामचोरी से, सफलता तो उसी दिन मिली जब ज़िद्द थी दिल से !

Be stubborn enough to achieve your goals.

Reality is not what others show you. It is what you see!

It is not achieved in ONE DAY. The sacrifices, the late nights and early mornings are responsible for SUCCESS.

No subject is EASY. It is you who makes it sound EASY!

inspirational quotes for students

Cheating can help you win. But, it will make you LOSER forever.

देखा मैंने सपना बनने का महान, कोशिश की ऐसी की हो गए सब हैरान !

Winning is no more an ATTITUDE, but A HABIT.

जितने का है ये एक जुनून, जितने पर मिलता है दिल में बस सुकून !

motivational status about life

There is no time for the PAST. Focus on work and make SUCCESS AT LAST!

The craze to achieve is more than to stay AVERAGE.

You may be average. You may be a failure. Start working and success will kiss your feet.

It is not the people who stop you. It is the mindset you follow.

You have a BAD TIME. BAD TIME helps you LEARN. LEARNING helps you SUCCEED.

Humiliation is the only helpline to achieve ultimate success in life.

Stay focused, work hard, believe yourself!

Motivational Status For Life

Success doesn’t depend on the number of tries you make. It depends on the experiences you take.

Life worships them who help themselves.

We weren’t born to read history. We are born to make history.

If you are not in a position to earn money as you want, believe me, you haven’t lived life yet!

motivational emotional status

Dream for it. Work for it. Be stubborn enough to achieve it!

Responsibility is not making excuses. It is breaking the IMPOSSIBLE.

There is no perfect time for success. You have to make every time to be perfect.

You cannot be perfect. But, you can be excellent.

Don’t compare your struggles with someone else’s success.

People never remember the ordinary. They remember the extraordinary!

Success is the best revenge and the ultimate weapon to make people SHUT-UP!

attitude status dialogue

The hunger to succeed is far more than lying in the comfort zone.

The game is to MAKE IT HAPPEN in any situation, whether you like it or not!

कामियाबी तो सब चाहते है लेकिन कोशिश करने के सब के हाल हैं 

Hard work can help you achieve success. But, consistency can help you achieve excellence.

The last try can help you improve mistakes, make new ones and reach success.

The purpose will help you stick to it when you are about to give up.

Motivational status about love

There is no road to success. We are those who make it for ourselves.

The bad you want, the early you can reach it.

If you are not working for your dream, then someone else will use you to fulfill their dreams.

Motivational Status After Breakup

The challenges you accept today will help you to work for your GOAL.

Something worst is necessary to achieve the best in life.

Don’t care about the things that happened to you. Learn from it and use success as REVENGE!

Negativity causes depression. Depression may cause death. It is better to move on than wasting our precious life.

One day they will regret leaving you.

motivational status for girls

Loving others can give you an imperfect partner. Loving yourself can give you a perfect partner.

It doesn’t matter how bad you cried for someone. You have the right to cry for 24 hours. In the 25th hour, you should get back and work for your goals. 

Breakup is an excuse for activity. It is your passivity that is holding you back.

The only reason for your work is SUCCESS, then, breakup won’t hurt you.

किस्मत नहीं जो तुम को सफल बनाती है, वो तुम्हारी ज़िद्द है जो तुम को कामियाब बनाती हैं। 

Sorrows will not be healed in comfort zones. Success will heal it! 

Don’t wait for things to be settled. Go ahead. Move on & learn from mistakes.

inspirational quotes after breakup

This is not the time to think. This is the time to take action!

People will care about you until they need you.

SORRY is just a word to make mistakes again and again. 

Don’t try to make up for lost relationships. They will regret watching you succeed.

If relations are true, they will come back. If they don’t, they were not made for you.

Sometimes it is good to move on than to sort out.

I won’t change it for you. I’m unique. I will get the right one for me.

Your smile can hurt your enemies. Your laugh can make them jealous. There is no need to fight with them.

Motivational Status For Success

You cannot judge yourself from your past experiences.

No one cares about the efforts you take. Everyone is interested in the results you make.

People will criticize you, humiliate you. But, your success should make their mouth shut!

No one cares how you look. They want to see you accomplish the impossible.

Your fear is your imagination. Fear to try can be a reason for stagnancy.

Life doesn’t offer success to anyone. You need to go and get it for yourself.

inspirational quotes for success

I’m not here to motivate you. My success story will do that work.

The harder you work the luckier you get. The luckier you get the greater you feel after achievement.

Never compromise to dream. Dream it and don’t leave till you achieve it.

Don’t search for motivation. Your hunger for success will help you stay motivated.

Chase short-term goals with determination and achieve long-term goals with satisfaction.

Start as fast as you can and complete it as soon as you can.

You can have a hard time. But, a hard time doesn’t mean it is IMPOSSIBLE!

Stay with motivated people. Your company matters when you are chasing a GOAL!

My words can definitely hurt you. But, my intention is to make you succeed.

Get up. Fight for your dreams and fight until you get it.

life quotes for success

Sometimes you follow success paths or sometimes you create a one for you.

It is better to show our strengths and gain respect than showing weakness and gaining sympathy.

Success comes by being busy, busy and busy searching for it.

If you don’t want to be ordinary, then risk yourself to chase extraordinary.

Quotes For Gym

I’m not here to listen to your excuses. I’m here to watch your results.

The last try is a hope to win one day.

Respect is not earned in comfort zones. Step out and lift some iron.

Let them hang-out, let them party, one day they will work for you.

Motivational status for success

You have the right to live as you want. You have the right to dream whatever you want. You have the right to achieve what you want.

I know you are tired. But, resting can make you weak.

The pain is the motivation to gain and gain is the result you want.

Work harder when you are in love. Work like a beast when you have break-ups.

Nothing will happen by default. You need to make the MAKE IT HAPPEN attitude by default.

Attitude status motivation

Always push yourself ahead than yesterday. This is how you can grow!

You have dreamed of it. You have no right to complain.

Love yourself. Your future will thank you for it.

Wake up. Get up and chase your dreams.

Workout, eat healthily and sleep well. No one can stop you.

There are criticizers distracting you. But, you cannot stop until you achieve it. No matter how tough it is!

There are no shortcuts to achieve the goal. Be persistent and be consistent.

If it was too easy, then everyone had done it!

You can’t make it happen over-night. The early mornings and late nights will help you to chase it.

Improve every day. Transform yourself. Stagnancy can give you comfort. But, comfort can give you nothing.

You can break yourself and build greater than yesterday.

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Best Vivek Bindra Quotes

“The only way to create work is to love what you do.” — Vivek Bindra

“Don’t focus on multiple things, Focus on the main thing and the business will follow you.” — Vivek Bindra

“Difficulties of your life are not the dead ends, They are just the sweet bends!” — Vivek Bindra

“You have the power to choose how you feel! Allow Yourself to think differently.” —Vivek Bindra

“When you face failures, Don’t change your goal, change your strategy.” —Vivek Bindra

” Surround yourself with people who have ambitious plans, meaningful purposes, and big goals.” —Vivek Bindra

These were some of the best quotes by Dr. Vivek Bindra. He is a motivational speaker and transformed many lives of people.

These motivational status can help you stay motivated and reach your goals more efficiently.

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These were motivational status for WhatsApp. These are the latest and best motivational status for you. I will update new motivational status for you. Stay motivated in your life. Chase goals and stay happy.


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