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Today, I will show you various status collections to share on WhatsApp.

You can make someone happy through these collections. You can express your feelings to your loved ones. You can make someone laugh with funny jokes. There are many possibilities and you can find different types of status here.

What is WhatsApp status?

WhatsApp Status is something that you share with your family, friends or relatives to make them happy. You can share your day-to-day life with them and grab their attention.

This WhatsApp status appears for one day (24 hours) to your contacts. 

So, let’s get started! I will share different ideas in different categories.

Love WhatsApp Status

Love status

She is my confidence, my happiness.

She is my confidence, my happiness.

We cared, loved unconditionally.

You are my happiness, my strength.

Don’t cry, our love is strong.

We are not far away, our souls are connected.

Our life is best and we will be forever.

Your smile vanishes my sorrows and turns my weaknesses into strengths.

Her presence gives more comfort than my sleep.

Beautiful sunshine, glowing blossoms and only you!

I won’t talk about Love, I would like to express it.

The deeper love, the prettier it is!

Prettier love caption

You are my heart which will help me live forever with you.

We don’t make promises, we hold each other.

Love can either make you or break you, it depends on you.

We wanted and we did it.

I feel awesome when you stare at me.

I’m unable to sleep. Stop thinking about us.

We have no fights, we care for each other.

All I need is Love to stay Peaceful!

WhatsApp Status love

I feel happy the way you smile at me.

We are imperfectly perfect for each other.

I always cared for you and you supported me for the same.

Love defines you.

I had heard about love and you helped to know it.

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Funny WhatsApp Status

Funny love quotes

I stuck in writing sad quotes and my girlfriend cheated on me. I, then, wrote 1000 quotes.

I told my boss that he is the best boss and he told me to work more with him.

I studied so hard that even Google can’t find our school toppers.

If my parents make a mistake, it’s okay. But, when I do, there is a 3 to 4 hours personality development session.

I proposed to her and she told me “Yes” on 1st April!

People told me skills can help you make money. So, I started teaching skills.

I had a talk with my friend. Even if she had a WhatsApp status “Can’t talk WhatsApp only”.

I argued with my girlfriend and she slapped me. Now, I understood the law “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.”

I woke up at 11 am in the morning and my American friend said to me “Good Night!” and I went back to my bed.

I’m searching for friends in the word friends.

I’m a stone while I sleep. You can only wake me up by kicking me.

I’m so rejected in life that even my family doesn’t allow me to enter my house.

I have set my email’s password to “I’m not a robot”. Every time I sign-in, it appears on my window.

I always thought that life is easy. Then, engineering taught me about life.

Never mess with an Engineer is like entering a hungry lion’s cave.

People don’t let me eat an ice-cream because when I eat, I SCREAM!

People say “Old Is Gold”. Then gold is what?

Dear robbers, never rob an engineer. He is even looking for money.

Dear sweetheart, I will never share our conversations with anyone. Because I never listened to you.

You become successful even when you don’t upload “working hard” as a WhatsApp status.

A girl was staring at me and then, I realized her boyfriend was standing in front of me.

Engineering will practically teach you to find your dream career.

Funny life quotes

Engineering taught me that I’m not made for it.

The right road to success is never right. It’s straight!

You cannot be successful in one day. You can be in one night.

If opportunity doesn’t knock, then there is no door!

Sometimes later becomes never. So, I went back to bed.

Success doesn’t just find you. It also finds your girlfriend.

Don’t stop when you are tired. Stop when you are sleepy.

Attitude Quotes

Attitude status about me

I want to work on my way. I haven’t asked for your opinions.

You have the right to improve me not to criticize me.

Stop caring too much for people. They lose their value.

A gentleman’s attitude depends on how you treat them.

I have no time to argue with you. You better talk when you are in a good mood.

I don’t believe you until I see with my own eyes.

I don’t need your expensive gifts. I, simply, want your precious time.

Your positive thoughts make every decision better in life. Better the thoughts, better is the life!

It is better to be alone than with selfish and fake people.

I always think twice before making any decision.

I asked for help. This is the personality test for you.

Attitude status motivation

I will take revenge to keep you in your limits.

I’m always hungry for success. I want to be good at everything.

The biggest hope that we all have to believe is next morning is a better opportunity to grow.

There is no use arguing with me. I won’t wait unless I win the argument.

She is aggressive! But, she has a heart of gold.

I respect you. I trust you. If you betray me, I can even destroy you.

I don’t need your orders. You can make me work by encouraging me.

I experience pleasure and happiness fulfilling your needs.

I’m always one step ahead of you. But, still, make my competitor believe that I’m one step behind.

There is no medicine like hope. Hope that tomorrow will be better.

The more you wait, the less time you will have with yourself!

Remember, there are same sorrows in your life. But, you get every morning to heal it!

I hate confrontation. I’m a peace lover.

Be careful with your words. I’m a sensitive person. Criticism can hurt me.

Attitude status for men

Bad attitude + fake people = I’m annoyed

Once I stop caring for you, I will be present physically. But, emotionally, I’m far away.

I’m always real to you and I expect the same in return.

I ruin my life through my style. I haven’t asked for your free advice.

It is hard to walk alone. But, it is better not to be with fake people.

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Motivational Quotes

Motivational status for success

Talent is defined as the ability to handle pressures in LIFE.

Morning is the time to make your first positive move. This is an opportunity to be great and ahead in life!

A wrong decision is making no-decision.

You have an idea to work on and you know you can do it. Just let yourself through the bad night and shine in a new morning.

The only way to be successful is to forget our comfort zone.

Empty your mind to clean depressed minds.

Learn to argue than to follow blindly.

Aggression is the ability of weak people to show their strength.

WILLPOWER rules the world.

Choose to be great than to remain stagnant.

Do it when it is important before it becomes urgent.

Hard work is an opportunity. The result is creating more opportunities.

Dear Failure, it is ENOUGH NOW! I have the willpower to crush you.

Stop thinking about results. It can degrade your focus.

Revenge is necessary to restrict people from crossing their limits.

You have two choices to succeed. You can either make it happen or make it forcefully happen.

Bad times will teach you three things in life. To stay strong, people praise successful persons and find real friends.

Motivational status about love

Bad times break you. But, that doesn’t mean that you cannot break the BAD TIME!

Business is not only about money. It is about passion and execution.

Not knowing is good. Accepting is better. Trying is excellent.

Make it happen now! Life doesn’t respect late responders.

Doing a fearful thing every day can boost your confidence by 10x times.

Making things happen is my attitude. What’s yours?

Complainers never create and creators never complain.

There is no tomorrow for Entrepreneurs. There is today, now and right now!

Humiliation happens to us because life wants us to be SUCCESSFUL!

Life paths may not be easy every time. The fact is people prefer easy paths and legends prefer a simple one.

Every bad thing has an end and it ends when we stop thinking about the loss.

Every losses end at night. Focus to be more better the next morning!

Wish Good Morning to yourself and make your day great!

Steps are just a means of transportation, in a building or in real life. You, simply, need to move on!

Let your success shout in the ears of your CRITICIZERS!

The craze to succeed doesn’t let you sleep until it is accomplished!

Humiliation is a signal that you haven’t done anything BIG!

Motivation is not about uploading WhatsApp Status. It is about implementing in our life.

Hard work is useless if there is no execution.

Success is not what you think. It is not even what you plan. It is all about the execution.

It doesn’t matter how much you fail. What matters is the comeback!

Successful people always hope for the last chance.

Work hard, produce results and make the world shut-up!

People are not interested in the efforts you take. They respect only the results you make.

Behind every success is the strong opposition party.

Humiliated and broken minds have a special ability to grow in life.

It is hard to come up with the conditions which are almost impossible to overcome.

Don’t roar like a tiger. Roar like a wild beast.

The gym doesn’t make a bodybuilder. The environment motivates us to be GREAT!

People can lie. But, iron doesn’t lie.

The hope to try even after failing many times is SUCCESS.

Always take positive steps that will help to make your dreams come true.

Sun sets and darkness overtakes the sky. But, it lasts just for a couple of hours. Sun rises with full of life just to let us know that darkness is just a phase and it doesn’t lasts forever!

I may be a fool for criticizers. My success will define who is foolish!

Your commitment defines you. Your attitude defines your character.

I will make it happen. You better don’t judge me.

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WhatsApp Status In Hindi

स्थिर रहने से अच्छा है कि महान बने 

मैं आपकी respect करता हूँ और बदले में आपसे यही अपेक्षा करता हूँ 

चाहता था उसको मैं दिल से मेरी प्यार की आवाज़ वो सुन ना सकी 

मेरी जिंदगी, मेरे नियम | तुम अपनी सलाह मत दो!

डालना चाहता था उसको मेरे WhatsApp Status पर लेकिन ठुकरा दिया उसने मुझे 

अभी के अभी करो ! लोग देरी पसंद नहीं करते 

वो मेरा आत्मविश्वास, वो मेरी खुशी 

जितना गहरा प्यार, उतनी सुंदर उसकी खुशबू 

अपना वक्त रोज नहीं आता, लेकिन एक दिन जरूर आएगा 

बड़े सपने और बड़ी मंज़िलें ही मेरा जीवन हैं 

शेर हैं हम कुत्तों की तरह भाग नहीं जाते;ये अपना ATTITUDE हैं मौसम की तरह बदल नहीं जाते !

अगर सफलता का फल मीठा होता तो लोग किस्मत पे क्यों विश्वास करते !

आपके साथ ने हमको प्यार की भाषा सीखा दी ; धोखा देकर अपनी औकात भी दिखा दी!

जितने तेजी से आपको बोला I LOVE YOU ; उसी वक्त आया आपका पहला WHATSAPP STATUS VIEW!

ये ज़िंदगी कैसी है दोस्तों ; मौत का डर लगता है और प्यार मौत से भी प्यारा होता हैं

अकेले रहने की इतनी आदत सी हो गई है कि कोई अपना छोड़ भी जाता है तो रोने का मन नहीं करता !

दोस्ती ने जिंदगी की जज़्बाते सीखा दी !

दुनिया छोटी हैं मेरी, झूठे वादे करने वाले ये जगह नहीं तेरी

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Friendship Quotes

Friendship status about bond

People have a million dollars. I have a million friends.

A best friend is someone who laughs at your silly jokes and reads your mind.

No friends are like a sleepless night.

A true friend knows your weaknesses and converts those into your strengths.

Our friendship is a special gift and no one deserves it!

Friendship is a bond made to make your life shine and brighter.

I always wanted to live happily and independently. Friends helped me to be that one.

Friends are those who want you happy forever and ever.

We are good friends. We cared for each other.

You are never alone when you have an entertaining friend who always keep you happy.

Money is nothing in front of our friendship.

I have friends that my mood lighten up when I’m offended by LIFE!

Trust is a major factor behind true friendship.

Friends are those for me who taught me What is LIFE!

Life without friends is like a fish without water.

One Word Status










best one word status










one word status caption



































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