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Looking for the best attitude status for WhatsApp? You have come to the right place. We will show you new and latest attitude status to upload to your status.

These may include attitude status about life, attitude status about me, attitude status about girls, about boys and many more.

This is the best way to show your friends about your feelings, strengths, etc. You can describe yourself to your family, friends, etc. 

You can also give them hints about your strengths and weaknesses. 

A great attitude can help you get attention and grow ahead in life. However, it is necessary to take revenge to keep others in their limits. 

These attitude status will help you find one for you.

Let’s get started!

Best Attitude Status For WhatsApp

These are some of my favorite attitude status for you. You can share on WhatsApp or any other social media like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Am I good or bad? It totally depends on how you treat me!

I love the childish attitude. But, I can hold a grudge.

Shut up! Don’t judge me. I’m not a bad guy. I’m the worst guy!

Don’t try to change me. I’m the best version of myself.

I have a lot of patience. But, don’t ever dare to test it.

You can’t handle me. It is not your cup of tea.

attitude status about me

Don’t ever cheat on me. I will forgive and take revenge.

I like to be the best and don’t try to be like me.

Please don’t feel bad. You are too good. But, your attitude is not so!

People can make you successful. But, if I’m feeling cheated I will be a LEADER!.

I’m happy in my life. No one asked your FREE ADVICE!

Failure is nothing. The average is something. Success is everything.

I’m not blocking you on social media. I’m blocking you in my life.

I’m not your toy to play with. Be in your limits.

whatsapp lines on success

Yes, I have a bad attitude. I know I’m wrong. But, I don’t care.

I’m TOO CUTE. But, if you mess with me, I’m TOO BAD!

I can’t make love. I love to flirt. You can call me a bad guy. I seriously don’t care.

I have no time to take revenge. My success is enough for them.

I’m rich and prosperous. I don’t need your attention. Better get lost!

attitude status boys

I don’t like to change. I prefer to transform into the best version.

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Attitude Status About Me

My life is better when I stop caring about what people think of me!

Your words, your advice are none of my business.

You can give your opinions. It is my choice to follow or not!

Don’t expect too much love from me. Even, the coin has two sides.

whatsapp stylish quotes

Don’t taste my patience. You will forget all the tastes of life!

I’m too intelligent. I can read your mind and act accordingly.

I can’t say SORRY. I’m always right!

The right road to follow me is never right. I’m a straight-forward.

I love being loved and I can’t see you happy if you cheat on me!

You can’t read my mind. You haven’t installed fonts in your brain!

I know you don’t like me. Don’t worry. You are not like me.

attitude status alone boy

I never forgive anyone. If you cheat on me, I can come back anytime. You can do one thing. BE ALERT!

This is my version. I don’t want to be anybody. I wanted to be myself and I like it.

My personality is a HARD SUBJECT. If you don’t study me, you will FAIL!

attitude status cool

If you can’t beat me, it’s okay. Work Hard and shut up!

I have a dark side to those who destroy my bright side.

I have number six on dice. You can’t get me every time.

You can hate me. It’s your choice. But, you can’t cheat on me. It will be my choice to hurt you.

whatsapp perfect lines

I’m a BAD GUY to those who make me a SAD GUY!

I’m never wrong. But, if you think, then you have to prove it.

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Attitude Status For Girls

I’m good to good ones and worst to bad ones.

I’m CUTE. If you respect me, I will CARE. If you don’t, just BE READY for bad days!

Girls are too strong. If you underestimate, just WAIT AND WATCH!

I’m a girl with an attitude and a lady that shows gratitude.

Girls are TOO GOOD or TOO BAD. It depends on you!

attitude status girls

You are my past and I never had time to wait. You have waited, it is your problem!

Girls never care about what others think. Yes, we are our best version.

My confidence is my attitude. It never changes with the climate.

You will deserve what you have done. SORRY is just an excuse.

I’m not searching for a perfect man. I’m searching for someone who can make our relationship perfect.

Girls are like roses. They are beautiful. But, they can harm you if you play with it.

You may think I’m hard to get. No, I’m impossible you can’t get me ever.

whatsapp quotes about girls

Boys can’t lie properly. Girls can lie perfectly.

Girls are sensitive. You need to take care of words while talking.

I’m a 1000Mbps internet speed. You can’t afford it with less money.

I’m a girl who lives like a lady and works like a woman.

I hate being emotional minded. Because my emotional mind is DEAD!

attitude status cute girl

I love a man like Instagram. You can’t impress me with low-quality pictures.

The girls are pretty. Boys need to be handsome enough to impress them.

Girls can’t be perfect. But, girls can be the BEST.

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Quotes For Boys

I’m not a pro-player. I love to be perfect.

Winners gain and mediocre complaint.

If you can’t handle stress, then you can’t handle the boys.

Train today, so that you won’t complain tomorrow.

You are welcome to compete with me. But, let me tell you that I will never let you WIN.

life quotes

Your treatment can define my personality.

You can mess with those who told you not to mess with me.

Small thinking can settle you with tiny life. This is life, not a compromise. If you want BIG, you need to PLAY BIG.

People build muscles in the gym. I build myself.

The boys are very cool. If you cross them, they won’t leave any opportunity to piss you off!

attitude status gym

I’m actually not interested in humiliating you. Your personality forced me to do it.

My attitude defines my destiny. My personality defines my desire to win.

Don’t hurt yourself. I’m sorry. I forgot you are the best foolish version.

Stop chasing me. You can achieve goals. But, not me.

I’m a boy who loves to win like a man!

Fear can help you stay away from your goals.

inspirational lines for whatsapp

You can love or hate me. But, you simply cannot avoid me.

I can’t wait for things to happen. I like to make things happen.

I’m the short-tempered guy to those who want shortcuts to chase me.

attitude status in english

I’m mad and crazy about my goals.

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Quotes About Life

This is life. You can’t wait for the best opportunity. You can make any opportunity best.

Life helped me to stop thinking about people’s thoughts. It can’t ruin their life. But, our life can definitely be ruined.

Life will never let you focus on one dream or goal at a time.

Happiness comes to those who have sacrificed their pleasures.

You need to change your perspective if you want an awesome life.

happiness quotes

Don’t think too much. You can’t change your past. But, you can definitely change the future.

Chase what you like. Not what people say you to like.

Stop waiting for people to push you. They don’t care. You start caring for yourself.

You cannot change your future unless you change your thoughts.

Not all places are awesome. People and their culture help places to look awesome.

Never give up. This is life, not a class test.

If you can’t start soon, you will win later.

If you can’t focus like a point, then you will never be stable in life.

best whatsapp quotes

No attitude, then no personality. No personality, then no character!

You can have a BAD TIME. If you accept this reality, you are responsible for BAD LIFE.

Life is big to explore and short to live.

There is no perfect way to succeed. There is always the right way to succeed.

Don’t depend too much on anyone. Not people are interested to make you grow.

There is no perfect profession in life. You have a chance to make every profession perfect.

Your body will get tired. Your desire will stop when it is done!

These are one of the best collections of Attitude Status for you. These attitude status can help you define your attitude and reflect your personality.

These are perfect attitude statuses for you. You can share with anyone including family, friends and your colleagues. 

You can also find some killer attitude status to impress your loved ones. You can express your savage personality to hated ones.

This is the easiest way to express your feelings and emotions on WhatsApp. It also shows how your personality is different from others.

You can also read about life. These can help you motivate in life and have different approaches with people.

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