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Best Love Status

Love is not a game. It happens unknowingly.

You can control your mind. But, once the heart wants to love you cannot control your mind!

I won’t hate you. I love to make you happy.

I will love you until I live. I will be loving you forever.

love status

I want someone who can light up my bad mood, bring happiness in my depressing life.

Don’t waste your precious time on cheap people.

Life is huge to learn and short to love someone!

I’m feeling lucky because of you. You are the one who cared for me when all used me for their needs.

Don’t leave when it is complicated, continue until you get it!

WhatsApp quote

The best way to handle selfish people is by ignoring them.

You are my beautiful sunshine. You are my best version I would love to live with.

You don’t need any make-up. You are too cute.

I loved her. Life wanted us to be together. 

The more distant you are from me. The more special you will be for me.

The way you look at me is the best moment for me.

love status caption

You are beautiful, cute, lovely, charming. There is so much good to say about you.

Our relationship is like a bicycle. The more we ride, the more it will be secure.

All the girls are my friends. But, you are my special friend.

I always dream to stay with you now and forever in life.

Love is true when you love to laugh at her silly jokes.

attitude quotes for him

Don’t be always available for someone. Too much care is harmful.

I don’t know whether this is love or not. I simply cannot live without you.

This is love dear. If you expect the same care in return, I’m sure I will delight you.

You can hate me or love me. But, you cannot find a way to avoid me.

Be somebody to be than to be a nobody.

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Love Status For WhatsApp

It is better to love someone than to hate anyone.

You can either trust or cheat someone based on their past experiences.

I never expect you to prickle stars for me. I want your intense care.

We should be attractive because unlike poles attract each other.

love status girl

You love me and it is the best thing about you.

You feel loved when your partner is miles away from you. This is the beautiful essence of a relationship.

I’m in love. I’m thinking about you during the day and unable to sleep at night. 

I feel broken when you are in pain. This is true love.

Love happens unknowingly. But, we can live together knowingly.

sad quote

The person you truly love is always the one to hurt you the most.

I want to live in your heart and stay with you.

There are many things to be happy about in my life. But, you can make me happy forever.

Love for yourself and desire to win is the best inspiration in life.

My brain isn’t interested in you. But, my heart forced the brain.

love status couple

I want to protect our love from all sorrows and difficulties in life.

My mind says that we fight because we care more for each other.

I, sometimes, think twice before staring at you. The more I do, the more I can’t live without you.

Don’t try to search for people to make beautiful memories. Search a beautiful person to make memories beautiful!

Psychology says, “ If you hug your pillow when you sleep, definitely, you are missing someone.”

whatsapp quote for boyfriend

Our relationship is like a bar of hot-melted chocolate.

I always prefer to give up an argument because I don’t want to win. But, I want our relationship to winning.

I will never say to you “I love you!”. But, I love to express my feelings.

The more we care, the happier we will be!

It is our love which has kept us together and forever it will be together.

You are my favorite sweet dish because nothing is sweeter than you.

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Love Status About Life

You get too much love from people. Care for them and don’t hate them.

My partner looks at me and I trust him.

Love is like a string. Once it breaks, you cannot join it. If you try to tie it, still, there are obstacles.

I don’t want expensive gifts. I’m happy with your hug.

He is funny, childish. But, he makes me laugh more than anyone else.

love status for girlfriend

He is my engine and I’m his petrol. Without these, even you cannot run a bike!

I’m so single that even girls don’t ask me whether I’m single!

When love is true, you don’t need anything to make your partner feel special.

He has fire in his eyes to achieve me. We are happy together.

I have faced broken hearts. I have found someone who lifted me when I was broken.

I feel happy to spend time with you and I feel secure with you.

Life gives you two chances to love. One gives you a bad experience and others give you an amazing experience.

Hindi couple quotes

You + I = Our relationship

It is okay to be alone than with someone who doesn’t respect you and your feelings.

I’m afraid to look at you. My heart starts beating continuously.

We talk, we laugh, we spend time together.

I have six senses. But, love was my 7th amazing sense!

Our relationship is like a tree. I’m the fruit and you are my flowers.

love status line

It is life and you are my love which makes my life lighten up!

I just can’t stop making love. This will make my life feel happy, happier and happiest.

I want to be your photographer to take your pictures whenever I like!

I know that I’m the reason why you are so happy now!

You are my water. I can’t live without you.

I care for you and I expect the same in return.

I value your feelings because this is love!

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Lovely Quotes For Boyfriend

He protects me. He is my favorite.

He is the one I dream of all day. He is most special to me.

Your special hug is much more special than Valentine’s Day!

We are the best together. Our chemistry matches and nothing is acidic!

Love is not a relationship. It is a strong friendship between two friends who care for each other more than their life.

best whatsapp quote

Everyone wants to stay home. But, I want to stay in your heart.

Never say sometime later because love happens only ONCE!

The more I get old, the more I care for you. 

You are my Valentine! I need your care and affection.

He makes me laugh. He makes me smile. He makes me happy. He does everything for me!

You know which alphabet I love? I love “U”.

perfect love status

It is better that you stay away from me if you can’t spend your precious time with me.

I never see your last seen on WhatsApp because you are always seen in my heart.

I care for those you love me. I never care for those who cheat me!

Love is not about being careless. It is about caring for them, motivating them and making them confident in their life.

Please be a “ventilator” for my dead heart.

Everything may go anywhere. But, you and I will be always together and forever.

I don’t need any energy drink. Your hug helps me to get the energy to care for you.

whatsapp quote for girls

Don’t ever fail in life. But, always fall in love!

I love the man who likes my heart, not my lipstick!

I fall in love when I know that you are staring at me.

Your eyes and you are simply the best!

Life changes every now and then. Only one thing won’t change… We will be forever!

I can care for anyone. But, people don’t care for me!

I know he is the one who supports me, cares for me, holds when I’m broken. I know he loves me!

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Lovely Quotes For Girlfriend

You are my dream and I know if you really want to get it, your dreams will definitely come true.

Life gave me various chances to love a girl. But, nothing made me more special than you.

Love is when you can live or leave someone. But, you have the choice to choose.

We are not built together. We are built for each other.

happiness quotes

I’m hurt. But, still, I can work in life. My brain isn’t hurt. But, my heart definitely!

It is better to stay alone than with you who never trusted me!

My heart is a strong horseshoe magnet that can attract your lovely heart.

I’m unaware of the time. We keep talking for minutes and hours!

I was aware of love. But, I never knew about it. It is you who made me understand the value of love in life.

It is love when your silly jokes are still the funniest ones.

If you hate everyone, you will get less to no time to love someone!

Friendship + Respect + Care = Love

I loved someone who loved me more than anyone else!

My life has 404 errors. You came and redirected my site to 301 and now it is the best one!

You are sweeter than mangoes!

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