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Looking for the best flirt status to impress your loving partner?Never underestimate the power of words. 

The correct flirt status can make that person who did not turn to see you, show interest. The right words can also make someone you love feel special.

That’s why here we give you some best flirt status to attract that special someone. They can be inspirational so that you can add something later, or you may want to use it as is to share it on your Social Networks and suggest something to someone.

The flirting stage is the most exciting. The famous butterflies in the stomach arrive, everything is new, everything is perfect and honey spills everywhere. The details and the best flirt status cannot be missing.

Here are 50 best flirt status to inspire you and give them a personal touch , or if you run out of ideas, so you can use them as is to surprise them. Without a doubt, these best flirt status make anyone fall in love.

Best Flirt Status

1. I don’t know what it will be to kiss you, but I know the happiness that is to dream of you.

A good but very romantic flirt status to start the flirtation.

2. If you guess what I’m thinking, I’ll give it to your lips.

An original and daring way to get closer to someone special.

3. You must have coffee in your eyes, because seeing you takes away my sleep.

With this best flirt status you can make that person who has you in love feel unique and let him / her see how much you think of him / her.

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4. If I seduce you with my lyrics, imagine with my caresses.

After a time of flirting and exchanging messages, maybe it’s time to be more direct …

5. Rock, paper or kiss me?

A fun and mischievous message that is sure to make you smile.

6. I kiss you, therefore I exist.

Maybe you want to get a little existential and send him this funny quote.

7. If you want, I want; if you dare, I dare.

A quote to show that special person that we are willing to do what he is willing.

8. I have an adventure planned, my travel companion should be you.

We can insinuate that in our plans we already think about taking him into account.

9. I don’t need you for anything, but I want you for everything.

To show you that we have the decision to be present in your days.

10. You provoke a beautiful smile in me that I didn’t even know I had.

Nothing like letting that special someone know what it does in us and how good it makes us feel.

11. Please come into my life, and never leave it.

When we have found someone that we really like, we want them to be part of our life.

12. For the days without poetry, your body and my lips.

A very direct but romantic statement. Who could resist?

13. What if we take time? You give me your present and I give you my future.

Sending this sure message will startle you at the question, and then express our romantic intentions very well.

14. I don’t always write to you, but I always think about you.

A short and very forceful quote to send by WhatsApp and let you know that we always think of that person.

15. Your gaze lit my soul, your lips my desire and your being captivated my heart.

It is important to let him know that he provokes strong emotions and feelings in us.

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Flirt Two Line Quotes In English

16. Dream me, it suits you. Dream me that you will like it. (Eduardo Galeano)

A great quote from the writer Eduardo Galeano to attract.

17. The day only has 24 hours, they are not enough for me to think about you.

When we feel something strong for someone, we think about that person all day, and yet we long to spend more time around.

18. I hope that being cute is not a crime, I don’t want to have to see you in prison.

A fun and spicy best flirt status for someone who attracts us a lot.

19. Are you by any chance Google? Is that in you I find everything I need.

Surely this quote will bring a smile to whoever receives it.

20. I have been looking for you all my life, today that I found you. I know that I must meet you.

A daring yet romantic way to get close to someone you just met for the first time.

21. It is a magical chance that just today, in this place, we have met. We should not allow what we have both dreamed of for sure not to happen.

To get closer to someone you just met, or who gave you their phone number, this quote to let them know that you felt something unique when you met them.

22. It is not that I die of love, I die of you. (Jaime Sabines)

Without a doubt Jaime Sabines knew the quote to fall in love with.

23. I want to love you without haste, conquer you calmly and seduce you without pauses.

A romantic way to express our intentions to that special someone.

24. I would like to have you by my side, or on top, it doesn’t matter.

Something more daring for those who want to take the conversation to a more risque level.

25. With you I want to undress to the soul.

A short and very romantic quote to express that we feel something intense for that person.

26. You and I have many pending sunrises.

To tell her that we want to move to the next level of the relationship in a romantic way.

27. I am not willing to wake up again without having you by my side.

To express our desire to spend more time with that person.

28. Touch the sky and kiss the stars.

A short best flirt status but full of romance.

29. Today I know that after you there is no more. You are my happiness, my illusion and my desire.

Nothing like expressing to that person how special he is to us and what he makes us feel.

30. I will write a book on how to be happy: your name will be on each page.

This quote will surely make your day.

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Flirt Status In English

31. When our eyes met, I knew you were what I was looking for.

To start a conversation after meeting someone who attracts us.

32. I fear death, much less pain, my only fear is losing your love.

A quote to share on our social networks and let you know that we value your love.

33. My plan was not to fall in love, but I saw your smile and I forgot my plans.

Undoubtedly these words are ideal to start dating and flirting.

34. You are an instant suspended in eternity.

Short best flirt status but full of magic and romanticism are ideal to get a smile from that special person.

35. I thought a lot about whether it would be correct to tell you that I like you. It would not be true to tell you, because the reality is that I love you.

It is not the same that you like someone you really love.

36. The day has 24 hours. 16 of them I think of you. And the other 8 I dream of you.

When we are in love, the day is not enough to think about that person.

cute quotes for gf

37. I don’t mind insomnia anymore. If I don’t dream of you, I think of you.

Having insomnia is not pleasant, but when you are in love, nothing matters.

38. I need a lawyer, because I have lost my mind for you.

These words will surely bring a smile to those who receive them as a message.

39. Do you believe in love at first sight or will it happen again?

A very original and creative way to get closer to someone you want to meet.

40. Forgive my lateness, I would have liked to come into your life earlier.

Another original and fun quote to show him how much you like him.

41. The heart has reasons that reason does not understand (Blaise Pascal)

There are simply inexplicable things in these love affairs.

42. Don’t tell me you miss me, tell me what time we meet. (Mario Benedetti)

A beautiful and very direct quote from the great poet Mario Benedetti.

43. Could you stop wandering in my mind and walk better around here?

You could send this message and surely the answer could lead to something exciting.

44. Let’s stop messaging each other. Let’s kiss each other good night and good night kisses.

A beautiful best flirt status for that special person we want in our life beyond chats.

45. I do not kiss you good night, I do not say goodbye, I better tell you “see you in my dreams”

When we are in love and we think about that person, all the time it is as if we are with them.

Flirt Short Status

46. ​​I have no more ambition than to touch your heart.

Getting to touch someone’s heart means going into a deeper relationship.

47. I have to tell you that you have a defect: not waking up next to me every morning.

This quote is also a direct way of expressing our wishes towards that person.

48. With what right do you think I like you so much?

A claim that is sure to leave the recipient with a good feeling.

49. And red color, you have made me fall in love.

Without more to say, a quote that anyone who feels in love wants to receive.

50. I’m thinking of you. It doesn’t matter when you read this.

This quote is a special way of telling you that it is always on our mind.

51. Can you do me a favor? You can stop pacing my mind, I am not concentrating! 

A best flirt status to flirt that, in addition to being fun, will dislodge the other person. 

52. I’ve only been 5 minutes without seeing you and I already miss you

To send it when you have had an unforgettable date with that person and you have been wanting more. 

53. My plan was not to fall in love, but you smiled at me and everything fell apart

54. I smile like an idiot every time I think of you

55. You are that moment that lasts all eternity in my soul

56. Different, deep and full of feeling. 

57. One day I’m going to get tired of so much virtual distance and I’m going to go find you

To prepare the way for the next flirt status: a face-to-face date.

58. I want to be a lie to be in your mouth all day

A somewhat risky flirt status, but perhaps that’s why original. Perfect for not throwing in the towel the first time. 

59. I love my singleness, but if it’s because of you I am capable of leaving it

A declaration of intentions! 

60. I was going to tell you that I like you, but the truth is that I love you

61. You have the magic and the power to fix my day with just a smile

For those who are still in a first phase of dating.

62. If I speak to you, it is because I am interested in you; If I look for you, it’s because I care about you

63. The butterflies will appear in your stomach immediately. 

64. I see you little, but I think of you a lot 

65. Will I get the message that you want to meet face to face? 

For the shy, for the cut off, for the shameful, but also for the most technological and original, WhatsApp has become the best ally to warm up the ground before launching without a net into the swampy waters of love. Because an innocent flirt status can attract him and leave him speechless or, simply, awaken a smile in the other person without committing you to anything. 


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