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Looking for best love status in English? This is the best place to find love status to impress your loved ones.

There are 100+ love status in English, which can help you share it with your partner to attract towards you. We write various love status to make the best day of your partner.

These are love status in English for you:-

Best Love Status In English

• Every love story is beautiful but ours is special and my favourite.

 • Appreciate the efforts of your partner, sometimes you don’t even know what they are going through just to make you happy.

 • Even if we are miles apart, you will be the only person in my heart and mind forever.

 • You were the one in my heart and soul, you are and you will be the only one till my last breath.

 • I am still the day when I met you for the first time. That was undoubtedly the best day of my life.

 • Once you find the person who can make you feel comfortable anywhere and make you laugh uncontrollably, keep that person with you forever.

 • Love is the best thing to do in the world if you are doing it to the right person.

 • One right person can make your unhappy and stressful life so easy and the best place to live in.

 • It is not important how much you love a person, it’s important for how long you love the person with the same feelings.

 • Love is like a rubber band which needs to be held by both the persons. If one leaves, it hurts others.

 • Every relationship has problems but what makes it perfect is when both hold each other’s hand even if things go wrong.

love status in english for girlfriend

 • I will love you forever till the end of my life no matter what the circumstances are and what you do.

 • Thank you for coming into my life and loving me like nobody does before and letting me know what true love is.

 • Love that begins with friendship is the best kind of love.

 • I don’t hate people who hate me. I just love people who love me.

 • You may be someone for the world but for me you are my world.

 • When you find your happiness in someone else’s happiness, it is called ‘love’.

 • Love is just a small word which can make your life beautiful like heaven, if you choose the right person.

 • Love, honesty, trust and understanding are the only ways of a long and successful relationship.

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Love Status In English For Girlfriend

 • After my mother you are the perfect lady in my life who made me so happy and beautiful.

 • Words are not enough to tell how beautiful you are, inside out.

 • They say you can fall in love only once but I fall for every single time I look into your eyes.

 • Being in love with you makes everyday wonderful and unforgettable.

 • You are the lady luck of my life. The day you came into my life everything became so easy and stress-free.

 • Choose the girl who will keep encouraging you to fulfill your dreams not the one who asks you to quit them.

 • My heart races ten times faster as soon as I see you.

 • You are the most beautiful thing that has happened to me in life which I will admire for lifetime.

 • Loving you was never an option. It was my choice and necessity.

girl staring

 • I love every single moment of my life which I spent with you.

 • I fall in love with you for the beautiful soul you are.

 • You are the last thing I think of before going to sleep and first thing after waking up.

 • It feels nice to miss you so I miss you every second of the day.

 • Only because of you I know the true meaning of love.

 • Even at times I get irritated by you but I promise I will never leave you.

 • Your face and eyes are the most beautiful things I see after waking up.

 • I will never ask you to change because you are just perfect in your own way.

Love Quotes For Him

• I don’t need a teddy bear for comfort as I have an original teddy bear with me who makes me feel more comfortable.

 • Dear boyfriend, thank you for giving me everything I wished for.

 • You have all the qualities of my dad which attracts me the most.

 • The way you love me, take care of me, tolerate me make me fall in love with you everyday.

 • You are the source of my happiness and whole of my heart.

 • I don’t want anyone to have your heart or be in your arms, that place only belongs to me.

 • My heart is perfect as you are inside it.

 • Your texts make me smile everytime I read them.

 • You are my green crayon. The one I used to colour my world and the one I have never had enough of.

 • If I could give you one thing in life, I will give you power to see through my eyes that how much you mean to me in my life.

life status success

 • I believe in you completely. You are my special and dearest one. My reason for life. I love you.

 • Every time I see you, I love you more than the previous day and I will love you more and more everyday.

 • I got the perfect man I dreamt for and now I am keeping him in my heart forever.

 • Your love, care, and existence made me believe that true love exists in modern era also.

 • I love the way you treat me infront of everyone and make me feel so special that I feel like I am on cloud nine.

 • You give me the kind of feelings I used to get from fairytales. You make me feel like a fairytale princess.

 • You have the incredible way of making my eyes shine and my heart smile.

 • When my heart searches for peace, I prefer coming to you because you are my favourite place to go.

Love Status In English For WhatsApp

 • You are the reason I wake up with a smile on my face early morning.

 • When you hold me in your arms, I feel like I am in the safest place of the world.

 • Love is not always about the physical needs. It’s true when both the souls love each other unconditionally.

 • Love without limits and everything will be as beautiful as heaven.

 • You get the best feeling in the world when you are with someone who wants you as much as you want them.

 • Relationships last forever when there are no secrets and lies involved in it.

 • Loving someone more than anything else is the best thing in the world only if you fall in love with the right person.

 • Falling in love is by chance but staying together is by choice.

 • I am falling in love many times but with the same person.

 • Loving and staying with you forever is the best decision of my life.

love attitude status in English

 • You and me make the perfect pair. We can make the whole world jealous.

 • I am not a photographer but I love to capture all the moments I spend with you.

 • I was not in the mood of loving anyone ever but I am glad I did it.

 • Love with all your heart and soul not just for fulfilling your deeds.

 • Whenever I enter a crowded room the first thing my eyes search for is You.

 • True love never has a happy ending because true love never ever ends.

 • You have no idea how fast my heart races when you come in front of me.

 • True love is when you can be yourself and your partner doesn’t want you to change yourself.

 • I may be too late to be your first but I will make sure that I will be your last.

Relationship Quotes

 • Relationships are like a book. It takes a thousand years to build and just a second to burn.

 • There is never a day without thinking about you, you are my today and everyday which I never want to lose.

 • A true relationship is when you both act like a married couple and talk like best friends.

 • I want a long relationship, where people be like,”damn! they are still together.”

 • It is sad to realize that you are not important to someone as you were used to earlier.

 • Being in a relationship doesn’t always mean show off, dates or being physically involved.

 • Find someone who can change your life in a good way, not someone who forces you to change yourself.

 • Trust is the root of every relationship if you don’t have that on your partner then there’s no point in getting into it.

 • Many people can say that they love you but only a few will actually prove it.

 • In a relationship fight like Tom and Jerry but always be available for your partner when they need you the most.

 • The best relationships usually begin with the most unexpected person at an unexpected place and at an unexpected time.

whatsapp status sad love in English

 • The world’s best relationship is when you act less than lovers and more than friends.

 • When you trust and love each other even in the toughest situation that is what true love is.

 • If you really love each other then go through the darkest times with each other and survive the hardest times with each other.

 • The biggest truth is that the person with whom you fight the most is the person whom you love the most.

 • Share your pain with someone who understands you and someone who will judge you from that.

 • In a true relationship, you share both pain and happiness together.

These were best love status in English for you. You can share these love status in English with your loved ones and gain their attention towards you.

It is necessary to main the bond of relationship and these love status in English will help you maintain that bond.

Let me know your love status in English quote, which you are going to share with your loved ones.

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