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WhatsApp Status In English For Attitude

 • I don’t treat people badly, I treat them according to their behaviour towards me.

 • If your ego comes in contact with me, then my attitude will speak to you.

 • Respect your haters. They are the ones who think you are the best and follow you everytime.

 • Never forget those who were there with you in your bad times.

 • You need friends to become successful in life but to become more successful you need enemies as well.

 • I thank my enemies for making me famous. And I don’t give a shit about what they talk behind my back.

 • I don’t have an attitude. I just have a personality which you can’t handle.

 • Not always available for selfish people, try your luck next time.

 • People talk behind my back because they don’t have the capability to talk in front of me.

status for whatsapp in english

 • Do not judge me by my past because I do not live there anymore.(10)

 • I love to do such things in life which people think I can’t do because I like to take challenges and complete it.

 • Your status can’t match mine, neither on whatsapp nor in real life so don’t try to mess with me.

 • You will find a person prettier than me, talented than but you will never find a person like me anywhere.

 • I always prefer to be around honest enemies than to be with fake friends.

 • I am good enough to forget what you have done with me but not stupid enough to trust you again.

 • I don’t care what people say about me or think about me unless it is true.

 • After looking at some people I feel like they need a high five on their faces for their actions.

 • Some people think that you hate them and that’s actually funny because they didn’t know that you don’t even think about them at all.

 • You can’t trust people easily now-a-days, acting fake is now becoming a new trend.

 • Don’t show me your attitude unless you have done something great in life.

WhatsApp Status In English For Love

 • Love is where days are not counted, in love moments are counted where both of them have the best days of their lives.

 • Never love someone because they have a beautiful face, and fall in love with a beautiful heart instead.

 • Love someone with all your whole and soul, when you are ready, don’t love only because you are alone.

 • If you want a successful love story, don’t allow any third person to come in between you who will ruin everything.

 • You will feel like love is the best thing in the world, only when you will have the right person besides you.

love status caption

 • When you love someone, be with them whenever they need you, especially in their bad times.

 • Trust is the main brick in building a relationship, don’t break it if you love some truly.

 • You made me realize that love can make you everything possible and better.

 • Love without limits and fear, it makes your life worth living.

 • I wish I could turn back the clock so that I would have found you sooner and loved you longer.

 • Love teaches you how to live a wonderful life and make it a beautiful place to live.

 • Though forever is a very long time but I would not mind spending it with you happily.

 • Loving you and being with you for the rest of my life is the best decision I have made so far.

 • Maybe we are not perfect for the world but surely we are for each other.

 • Having you besides me makes my life more happier and joyful.

 • I fell in love with you every time I saw you in front of me.

 • I promise no one can ever replace you from my heart and soul. You will be my one and only till my last breath.

 • Since the day you came in my life everything has changed, everything becomes so much more beautiful and memorable than earlier.

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WhatsApp Status In English About Life

• Life is so beautiful although it has many problems which you have to deal with courage.

 • You can deal with all the problems in your life, you just need to be calm and patient for everything.

 • You can make your life a very beautiful place just by ignoring the negative people in it.

 • You will meet different types of people in life, you just need to understand how to deal with them.

 • If you want to become successful in life, you need to know the intentions of people around you.

 • You also need some enemies in life who give you strength and more energy to go ahead in life.

 • The work which gives you motivation to go ahead in life is a good work and rest is bad work.

 • In life you will come in contact with both optimists and pessimists, who need to learn whom to keep and whom to ignore.

 • Though you don’t get success easily, don’t give up, beginning is always the hardest.

 • Live your life to express yourself not to impress others.

 • Life is just a collection of mistakes. You will not learn unless you make one.

 • You will learn many things in life from your mistakes so don’t give up if you are making mistakes in the beginning.

whatsapp status images in English

 • A good life is a collection of so many happy moments. Be happy always no matter what happens.

 • Life will always try to make things hard, but you will become stronger only when you overcome those obstacles.

 • You only get one life so make it memorable and worth living.

 • Life is just a journey. You decide how you want to make it memorable or forgettable.

 • Life is like a ice cream, enjoy before it melts because there is no point in regretting afterwards.

 • Life is too short to judge and hate other people. Spread love and live happily.

 • You are the only person who can change your life and you need to understand this.

 • Life without big goals is like a broken pencil. There is no point in living then.

Girlish Quotes

 • Girls are like glitter, they leave a little sparkle wherever they goes.

 • Cinderella is the biggest proof that a pair of shoe can change your whole life.

 • Girls who wear boots rather than high heels are the best types of girls.

 • Be a girl who is beautiful, confident and bold. This makes you different from others.

 • Don’t waste your time and energy in hating others. If anyone hates you, slay them with your sweetness.

 • Darling, don’t forget to fall in love with yourself first and don’t worry what people think about you.

 • Be a girl like a diamond, beautiful and rare and not like a stone which people found everywhere and don’t value it.

 • I don’t prefer to attract men by my face, I like to attract them by my work and success.

superb status for whatsapp in english

 • I don’t use heavy makeup to look attractive and beautiful. I have confidence which makes me more attractive than others.

 • There is a princess inside all of you, you just need to search for it on you own.

 • Be a girl with beauty, a lady with class and a bitch with an attitude.

 • Rise and shine wherever you go, don’t give a shit to people who hate you.

 • Always try to be different from others. Because there is only a single queen in a crowd of many.

 • I don’t cry for stupid people because my maskara is not as cheap as you.

 • If you are a beautiful person inside out you can do everything in life.

 • Give a girl a correct outfit to slay and she can even conquer the world.

 • I am a girl who doesn’t like if you touch my phone, hair, face or boyfriend.

 • If you mess with me without any reason then I can show you how worse it can be.

 • Better to be strong enough than to be pretty and worthless.

Best Friends Quotes

 • Best friends are those who can help you solve your problems but best friends are those who will never let you face them alone.

 • There is nothing precious in life than a loyal, caring and loving best friend.

 • Best friends are those creatures who will love you like mother, scold you like father, fight with you like your brother and care like a sister.

 • Some friends are like family to you who will never leave you alone in any situation.

 • Real friend is one who comes to your house without any hesitation and your parents also treat him like a son.

 • A true friend will never allow you to face your difficult times alone.

 • Some people go to priests to solve their problems and I go to my best friend whenever I face any problem.

 • One loyal friend is better than your hundred fake relatives and neighbours.

 • A best friend is the greatest gift of God you will ever receive in life. It means you got the best healing therapy.

 • Who needs a lover in life when you have a best friend who made your life a beautiful place.

 • A real friend will never leave you even if other people try to break your bond or whatever may be the situation is.

 •  A real friend is like a diamond, hard to find but who makes everything shine around you.

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 •  A best friend is someone who knows all your weaknesses and still chooses to stay with you and show you your strength.

 • When you have a friend who understands everything even if you try to hide things from him, then you got a real gem.

 • The best kind of friendship is where you can blindly trust each other, defend each other and think the other deserves everything in life.

 • I cannot lose you ever because if someday I do this, I’d have lost my best friend, my soulmate, my happiness, my everything.

 • Because of you my life becomes happier, I cry little less and laugh little harder.

 • Walking with a best friend in the dark is better than walking with many fake people in the light.

 • Friendship is the best medication in the world, it solves all your worries and makes your life stress free.

 • Never take friendship as an opportunity, it is the best responsibility which has to be taken from both sides.

These were some of my best WhatsApp status in English. These quotes help you share with your family and friends.

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