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Inspirational Quotes In English

 • Dance like nobody’s watching you and sing like nobody’s listening.

 • Don’t be a worrier, be a warrior.

 • The things you try to do will not be easy obviously but it will be worth it.

life status

 • The moment you feel like quitting everything, think why you started.

 • Your mind is such a powerful thing than when you will start filling positivity in it your life will start changing.

 • Trust your soul and everything will become better in life.

 • If you really want something big in life you have to do the things which you have never done before.

 • It is easy to change your attitude when you can’t change something you don’t like.

 • You only live once and if you do everything right then living once is enough.

 • The struggle you are doing today gives you the strength for a better tomorrow.

 • Failure is the only key to success so if you face failures in life don’t give up rather do more hard work.

 • Don’t be a pessimist in life, be an optimist and you will achieve everything you want in life.

 • We become what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be.

beautiful life status

 • Don’t let the thing that scares you the most affects your dreams. Instead do it every day to overcome your fears.

 • Sometimes you need bad things to happen in your life that makes you change yourself and grow.

 • You are going to achieve everything good in life. It is not going to be easy but you are surely going to make it.

 • Life is beautiful. Make it worth living.

 • Lead by the dreams in your hearts and don’t push around the fears in your mind.

 • If you think that the plan is not working then change the plan and not the goal.

Best Life Status In English

 • If you will be thankful for what you have in life then you will always have more.

 • Life changes quickly in a very positive way if you allow it to do so.

 • If you cannot find your life happy then make it.

 • Don’t let others destroy your inner peace in life.

 • Life never stops teaching you new things so you never stop learning.

life status about life

 • Never see how others define their life instead define your own life.

 • To have a peaceful and happy life enjoy every single moment you live.

 • To live a better life you need to cut out the negativity and fill it with positive vibes only.

motivational status

 • Tough time does not last for a long time, tough people do. So choose wisely.

 • You only get one life don’t waste it on regrets instead be thankful for what you have.

 • In life making mistakes is ok but never fake perfections.

 • Never show your weak side to society, some people are just waiting to break you down.

 • Be productive and not busy.

 • If you want to become successful in life, remove the word ‘not’ from your dictionary.

 • Take risks in life and conquer your fear.

 • To live a happy life you must love the people not things and use the things not people.

 • Be thankful for what you have in life instead of complaining about what you don’t have.

 • Don’t give up on the things you really want. Try harder until you get it. 

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Relationship Quotes

 • True love stories never end though they have so many ups and downs in it.

 • Relationships get better when you have an understanding and caring partner for whom you are their whole world.

 • A relationship becomes perfect when both of them never give up on each other.

 • You need to understand that there is no relationship unless there is loyalty, trust, and commitment.

whatsapp status on life

 • Love, attention, trust, honesty, and understanding are the roots of successful relationships.

 • A relationship where you can be yourself or weird together is the best.

 • The right person does not make you beg for love, attention, or commitment, because they love you the most.

 • When you find the perfect person in your life you come to know that this is the one you want to annoy and love for the rest of your life.

 • I want just two things in my life ‘YOU’ and ‘US’.

 • A good partner is one who knows all your insecurities and imperfections and still accepts for who you are.

life status in English for boys

 • Don’t allow the third person to interrupt in your relation, it will not take a single moment to ruin everything.

 • Relationships are like flowers. You water it, nurture it, and care for it to keep blooming.

 • You know it is true when no matter how difficult the situation is he still makes you feel special and happy.

 • The best thing in life is to love and to be loved.

 • A perfect relationship is when both of them give each other some freedom and space which they need.

 • Fall in love with someone who accepts your flaws and doesn’t want you to change yourself.

 • I know it is not going to be easy but it is going to be worth it.

 • Love is a game which both can play and both can win.

Sad Life Status In English

 • I am only good at hiding my feelings because I know no one really cares.

 • The sad part is not that we don’t talk now, it is that we used to talk every day.

 • I don’t need slow poison to kill me, life is killing me by itself.

 • I used to express my feelings in front of people but now I stopped because now people laugh at other’s feelings.

sad life status about me

 • Crying is the only way to express your feelings when your mouth can’t express how broken your heart is.

 • I wish I were a robot. No feelings, no pain.

 • Behind every laughter and smile there is a pain no one can see and feel.

 • What’s the point in getting unlimited data and calling when you have no one to talk and share your feelings.

 • I am sad but I prefer to smile to make people around me feel happy, that’s my life.

 • There is a hidden pain behind the person who makes others smile.

 • Happiness is temporary in life and pain is permanent.

 • Never assume that someone likes you for your nature, sometimes you are being used when they get bored.

sad life status

 • It’s funny how someone breaks your heart with so much ease and you still love them as nothing happened.

 • Smiling is the best medicine to heal all your pain and sorrows.

 • The saddest part of life is loving someone who loves someone else.

 • Eyes express the feelings easily which we try to hide from others.

 • The worst kind of pain is when you try to hide the feelings from the thought that others will laugh if you share it with them.

 • At some point you realize that person can stay forever in your heart but not in your life.

Life Status In English For Girls

 • Do not search for a man who will solve your problems. Find one who will not let you face them alone.

 • A woman’s looks don’t matter, if she is confident, she is super-woman.

 • A girl can be both classy and bitch, it depends on which side of her you want to see.

 • Don’t act stupid just to grab my attention, I don’t have time to give my expensive attention to such stupid people.

 • I don’t hire boys around me to do my work or solve my problems. I am an independent woman who is having guts to do it on my own.

life status in english for girls

 • Don’t judge me by my appearance. I can be as loud as a storm and as silent as grave.

 • I don’t want a rich guy just to pay my bills and to beg in front of him for everything. I am capable of doing these things alone.

 • I don’t explain myself to everyone because the people who love me know everything about me and that matters the most.

 • I don’t like to cry for cheap people because my mascara is so expensive.

girlish quotes

 • A beautiful face will get wrinkles on it one day and a perfect body will change but a beautiful soul will remain the same.

 • I may not be perfect but I am sure I am not like others.

 • Life is too short to hate and judge others, so accept them the way they are and be happy.

 • Instead of asking people to shut their guttery mouth, you cover your ears and don’t listen to their criticism.

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