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Crying status will help you feel free from bad emotions. Sadness is one of the emotions that has the greatest impact on our lives. 

It means that you have to know how to manage it. 

Both in Psychology and in the different neurosciences, we continue to investigate how this emotional state appears and what can be done so that it does not pose a problem that negatively affects our quality of life; But, beyond scientific advances, we must have the ability to create reflections on sadness in order to better prepare ourselves when it occurs.

The selection of sadness crying status that you can read below is a good way to take advantage of a starting point when generating thoughts about sadness. 

Here are many of the best known, significant and powerful , but if you can think of more sad crying status, do not forget that you can also leave them in the comments section.

Best Crying Status

1. Tears are born from the heart, not from the brain (Leonardo da Vinci)

The famous inventor also left behind such interesting reflections as this one.

2. Sadness is also a type of defense (Ivo Andric)

One of the sad crying status that focuses on the good and the useful of this feeling.

3. Depression is the inability to build a future (Rollo May)

A more existential way of interpreting this feeling.

4. A sad soul can kill faster than bacteria (John Steinbeck)

The renowned writer leaves us a thought about sadness and its impact on our well-being.

5. Sadness flies away on the wings of time (Jean de la Fontaine)

Jean de la Fontain talks about the way sadness disappears with the passing of time.

This is the best crying status.

6. First, accept the sadness and accept that without losing, winning is not so good (Alyssa Milano)

The good side of sadness: its relationship with happiness.

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7. There is no sadder image than a pessimistic young man (Mark Twain)

A sharp reflection and expressed very briefly.

8. In deep sadness there is no place for sentimentality (William S. Burroughs)

The American writer left this sad quote of free interpretation.

9. Delicious tears! They are the dew of the heart (Letitia Elizabeth Landon)

A poetic reflection on the act of crying .

10. Sadness and darkness can be very beautiful and healing (Duncan Sheik)

Sadness seen as something that can heal us.

11. Crying is an act of cleaning. There is a reason for tears, happiness and sadness (Dionne Warwick)

Along the lines of the previous sentence, this one also emphasizes the healing powers of this emotional state.

12. Sadness is nothing more than a fence between two gardens (Khalil Gibran)

A very lyrical and visual sad quote.

13. Tears are the summer showers for the soul (Alfred Austin)

Alfred Austin, about the feeling of relief related to crying.

14. Don’t cry because it ended, smile because it happened (Dr. Seuss)

One of the best known Dr. Seuss quotes.

15. Never let go of that fierce sadness called desire (Patti Smith)

Music Patti Smith has a very sentimental take on sadness.

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Best Crying Quotes

16. Unhappy is the one who thinks about his childhood and only evokes memories of fear and sadness (HP Lovecraft)

The creator of cosmic horror has a lot to say about sadness.

17. Absolute silence leads to sadness. It is the image of death (Jean-Jacques Rousseau)

One of the most powerful quote of this French philosopher.

18. Humor is the best tool against sadness that I have had in my life (Mike Mills)

The usefulness of sadness, highlighted once more.

19. I love sadness. Makes you feel more than anything (Jeff Ament)

Living sadness as an experience that makes us feel alive.

I love this crying status quote.

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20. The more we examine a story, the sadder it becomes (Nikolai Gogol)

About how the emotional charge of stories can change depending on how we “read” them.

21. Never make a decision when you are angry, sad, jealous or in love (Mario Teguh)

One of the most pragmatic crying status about sadness.

22. Tears are words that need to be written (Paulo Coelho)

Another lyrical formula to talk about crying.

23. Pain is not as strong as guilt, but it takes more of you (Veronica Roth)

A comparison between two emotional states linked to pain.

24. There are two classes of people: those who prefer to be sad with someone else, and those who prefer to be sad alone (Nicole Krauss)

Different ways of coping with difficult situations.

25. When everything has been said or done, pain is the price we pay for love (EA Bucchianeri)

A quote of sadness in which this is related to love.

26. Nothing thicker than a blade separates happiness from melancholy (Virginia Woolf)

Renowned writer Virginia Woolf talks about guilt and melancholy in a very poetic way.

27. We all have sadness in our lives, and something we can take advantage of it (Sherilyn Fenn)

A quote that reminds us of what we can do in situations that we cannot control.

28. Everything takes me longer than expected; it’s the sad truth about life (Donna Tartt)

Sadness as something linked to time and expectations.

29. It is sad to grow old, but it is nice to grow up (Brigitte Bardot)

About the aging process and the good that goes with it.

30. Sad patience, very close neighbor of despair (Matthew Arnold)

Another one of those sad quotes in which two emotions are opposed.

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Crying Status In English

31. Those who give their wings sadden because they do not see them fly (Antonio Porchia)

Porchia explores certain reasons that may be behind the appearance of pain and sadness.

32. Sorrows were not made for beasts, but for men (Miguel de Cervantes)

Cervantes, about the human character of this emotion.

33. Never give in to melancholy (Sydney Smith)

melancholy, linked to sadness, is something that can invade us if we don’t stop it.

34. My desolation begins to create a better life (William Shakespeare)

Another of the crying status about sadness that focus on the good.

35. Our lives are full of all genders. Fear, hope and sadness (Nicolas Roeg)

This feeling, which we sometimes call “negative”, is just another part of life.

36. Melancholy sees the worst of things (Christian Nestell Bovee)

Melancholy makes our perspective change even if we don’t realize it.

This is sad crying status.

37. I expel pain and sadness when I dance, and I attract happiness and rhythm (Igna Muscio)

Dance understood as something to purify pain.

38. If you have not learned from sadness, you cannot appreciate happiness (Nana Mouskouri)

Once again, the double edge of sadness and happiness.

39. Sadness in a good place to get songs from (Sarah McLachlan)

The most productive facet of sadness.

40. Melancholy is the nurse of frenzy (William Shakespeare)

Shakespeare reflects on melancholy.

41. Happiness is the dream of love and sadness its awakening (Madame Basta)

In this quote about sadness, it is understood that this is part of a sequence of events that begins with love.

42. Irony is a sadness that cannot cry and smiles (Jacinto Benavente)

The irony and its relation to this feeling.

43. The soul resists acute pain much better than prolonged sadness (Rousseau)

Rousseau, once again, about the different ways in which sadness can be presented.

44. Tears that are not cried, do they wait in small lakes? Or will they be invisible rivers that run towards sadness? (Pablo Neruda)

A nice poem about sadness and crying.

45. Each sigh is like a sip of life that one gets rid of (Juan Rulfo)

The sadness linked to the passage of time, once again.

These are my favourite crying status for you.

Crying & Sad Quotes Status

46. ​​I never thought that happiness would have so much sadness (Mario Benedetti)

Often, within the emotional states there are nuances that point to feelings opposed to the one that dominates us at that moment.

47. Sadness is a gift from heaven, and pessimism a disease of the spirit (Amado Nervo)

It is very useful to reflect on the difference between sadness and pessimism.

48. Is life sad or am I sad? (Loved nerve)

When it is not known if the sadness comes more from oneself or from what happens to us.

49. Red is the best cure for sadness (Bill Blass)

The passions linked to the color red, understood as an antidote to sadness.

Express sadness through crying status.

50. Beware of sadness, it is a vice (Gustave Flaubert)

One of the sad quotes that can be taken as reflection and advice at the same time.

51. If you are patient in a moment of anger, you will escape a hundred days of sadness (Chinese proverb)

One of those proverbs about sadness that can be taken as advice.

52. Whoever loves you well will make you cry (Spanish saying)

A quote widely used in Spain, although it must be viewed with a critical eye so that it does not legitimize toxic relationships .

53. If you are sad smile, since a sad smile is better than the sadness of not seeing you smile (Anonymous)

An anonymous quote that sheds a light of optimism on sadness.

54. The sadness of separation and death is the greatest of deceptions (Mahatma Gandhi)

One of Gandhi’s quotes that connects with his philosophy of life and religiosity.

55. It is very sad to think that nature speaks while humans do not listen (Victor Hugo)

A sad crying status from Victor Hugo, whose scope encompasses all humanity.

56. Joy rejuvenates, but sadness ages (Anonymous)

An anonymous crying status about the effects that these two emotions produce on us.

57. If the world is a veil of tears, smile until the rainbows cross it (Lucy Larcom)

A very poetic quote of sadness.

58. You cannot prevent the bird of sadness from flying over you, but you can prevent it from nesting in your hair (Chinese proverb)

Another of the Chinese proverbs about sadness, which talks about the chronification of this feeling.

59. A friend is the hand that ruffles sadness (Gustavo Gutiérrez Merino)

A reflection inspired by the action of stroking the head of someone for whom you feel affection.

60. Being a sadness of two, it is no longer sadness, it is joy (Francisco Villaespesa)

Shared sadness is something qualitatively different from that experienced alone, according to this poet and playwright.

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61. It’s a secret, the land of tears (Antoine de Saint-Exupery)

The famous writer of The Little Prince also left quotes of sadness as lyrical as this one.

62. Sometimes a false joy is preferable to a sadness of true causes (René Descartes)

The French philosopher reflects on the relationship between our feelings and the truth.

63. Happiness is sadness backwards (Anonymous)

What is the relationship between joy and sadness? According to this anonymous quote, this one is surprisingly simple.

64. No place is sadder than an empty bed (Gabriel García Márquez)

A sad quote from one of the most important Latin American writers in history.

65. Laugh when you are sad, crying is too easy (Anonymous)

Another one of those quotes about sadness of anonymous authorship that can be used to manage this emotion.

66. Success is not a good teacher, failure makes you humble Shah Rukh Khan)

There is always something good even in situations where all seems lost .

67. In this world nothing is certain, except death and taxes (Benjamin Franklin)

There are certainties that it hurts to remember, although this quote of sadness has a note of humor.

68. It is sad to know that I will leave, but looking back I see many great memories (Bonnie Blair)

Even in goodbyes there is a touch of sweetness.

Goodbyes are sad for crying status.

69. The walls we build around ourselves to keep us away from sadness also leave out happiness (Jim Rohn)

Sometimes avoiding the bad keeps us isolated from all sensations.

70. Nothing is sadder than the death of an illusion (Arthur Koestler)

Losing the illusion in a life project is one of the hardest blows.

71. Death is the beginning of immortality (Maximilian Robespierre)

This crying status leads us to think that dying is not the end of everything, but that our history will continue to be present in the world for those who have surrounded us.

72. A person can feel lonely, even when many people love her (Anna Frank)

A moving quote taken from “The Diary of Anna Frank.”

73. I am not afraid of death, what I am afraid of is trance, going there. I confess that I am curious to know what it is about (Atahualpa Yupanqui)

The curiosity to know what happens after death is a constant in humanity, being the origin of multiple beliefs.

74. The curious paradox is that when I accept myself, I can change (Carl Rogers)

The humanistic psychologist Carl Rogers gave this beautiful reflection .

75. Death is sweet; but his anteroom, cruel (Camilo José Cela)

This crying status quote tells us that what is cruel and what is actually had is not death itself, but the suffering before it.

Love Crying Quotes For You

76. The pain of separation is nothing compared to the joy of meeting again (Charles Dickens)

Separating from someone you love is very painful. But when you see him again the joy you feel is immense.

77. Any moment that is not spent in love, is lost (Torquato Tasso)

It is better to invest our efforts in sowing good energies.

78. Maybe part of loving is learning to let go (Anonymous)

Loving another person implies that, by force majeure, we are forced to let them go. Sad but true.

79. Saying goodbye doesn’t mean anything. It’s the time we spend together that matters (Trey Parker)

Trey Parker detracts from the moment of farewell to highlight the good of the time spent in the company of the other .

80. When death falls on man, the mortal part is extinguished; but the immortal principle retreats and walks away safely (Plato)

Plato believed in the existence of the soul, considering that death was its separation from the body and that after it it returned to the world of ideas.

81. All my possessions for a moment longer (Isabel I)

There is no use being rich if our time is running out.

82. The past limits us, but the future frightens us. The only safe place is the present (Isaac López)

The only place where we have the power to change things is the present.

83. Life is sadness, get over it (Teresa of Calcutta)

There is no choice but to leave sadness behind as soon as possible  and start finding the sweet side of existence.

84. If we are alone, we become more lonely. Life is strange (Paulo Coelho)

The well-known Paulo Coelho philosophizing on this issue.

85. Death is important only insofar as it makes us reflect on the value of life (André Malraux)

The author of this phrase makes us see that the fact that our life has an end has to make us reflect on how important it is what we live.

86. I have sadness inside me. I have anger inside of me. I have a broken heart inside of me. (Ellen Degeneres)

From the popular TV presenter.

87. When the brother’s eyes of a woman begin to veil with tears, the one who begins to not see clearly is the man. (Achille Tournier)

A great metaphor about shared sadness.

88. Sadness generally results from one of the following causes: when a man is unsuccessful or when he is ashamed of his success. (Seneca)

A philosophical way of understanding the causes of sadness and apathy.

89. Keep sadness to yourself and share happiness with others. (Mark Twain)

Another great famous quote from the American writer.

90. I was thinking that nothing is forever, and how sad it is. (Brad Pitt)

If nothing lasts forever, it will have to be valued even more.

That’s it from the crying status which I specially made for you. So that you can relate your pain.

If you are sad, then just remember you are not alone.

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