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100+ Best Attitude Status in English To Share Now

Looking for best attitude status quotes? Yes! You can find 100+ best attitude status to share with your family and friends.

These best attitude status will help you present your personal attitude as well as your attitude towards life.

We present various attitude status for you to share on WhatsApp.

These are best attitude status for you:-

Best Attitude Status For Boys

I like to stay focused, move towards my destiny and chase my dreams.

 • I never insult people, I just show them who they really are.

 • First thing is that you need to stop your stupidity if you want me to control my anger.

 • If you argue with fool or stupid people, you will be known one of them. So never do that in life.

 • People who have a positive attitude succeed in life, they know how to manage everything in life perfectly.

 • If you don’t like me that is not my problem, I am not here to impress you.

 • You have to possess that I have a Charming personality and also I am handsome.

best attitude status for boys

 • I don’t take free advice from people because I know what I am doing is good or bad for me.

 • She used to laugh at me because I was different from others. And now I laugh at her because she is just like others.

 • If someone is dumb enough to walk away from you, be smart enough to allow them to leave.

 •  I don’t care if you don’t like me or want me, not everyone has a good taste.

 • I don’t like to copy anyone because I have my own personality which everyone tries to copy.

 • I am not so special but people like me are really hard to find.

 • I am a good person until you are good to me, don’t give me a reason to show my bad side.

 • I stay away from those two faced people, they are good with me on my face and says bad things about me behind my back.

 • imI don’t want to live a perfect life. I want to live a happy and peaceful life.

 • I don’t need to show off because people already know what I have and what I am.

 • It’s not my fault if you don’t understand my level of thinking. You need to grow yourself.

 • It’s my life, I will think about how to live. You mind your own business and keep your nose out of it. 

Best Attitude Status For Girls

 • Don’t show me your attitude, if I will show you mine you won’t be able to handle it.

 • You will find a girl prettier than me, funnier than me, smarter than be but not just like me.

 • Do not search for a man who will try to solve all your problems. Search for a man who will not let you face them alone.

 • You cannot compare me to any other girl, there is no competition between us. Because I am one of a kind person.

 • I will never be any man’s part-time, half-time or sometimes. So better stay away and don’t waste my time.

 • Better to be strong and confident than to be pretty and worthless.

 • I don’t care if you hate me or like me, I am not here to impress you so keep your opinion with you.

 • Love me or hate me, I am still gonna go far and do better than you.

girlish quotes

 • My attitude depends on who you are. So if I behave rude to you, blame yourself.

 • I don’t need to explain myself to others because I know I am right and better than them.

 • Be what you want to be, do whatever you like, be someone you are supposed to be & forget rest of the world.

 • I may not be the girl that everyone wants, but for sure I am not the one that everyone has.

 • Just because I started the conversation with you doesn’t mean I am dying to talk to you.

 • If you want to live happily in your life, don’t run back to what broke you.

 • Happy girls are the prettiest. So never allow anyone to fade away your smile.

 • I love to be crazy, being normal is boring now.

 • True beauty for a woman is to know who you are and what you want and know your worth.

 • Don’t judge me before knowing me and if you do make sure that you are perfect.

 • Love me or hate me, I don’t need your approval, so better keep it with you because it’s not required.

 • I will decide how to live my life, I will make my own choices and will choose what to do in life. 

Best Attitude Status For WhatsApp

 • Don’t compare yourself with others because you are different from them in all aspects.

 •  When you get failure in life and you feel like quitting, then think why you started.

 • I have reached a point in life where I feel it is not necessary to impress someone. If they like me for who I am, it is good and if not, it’s their loss.

 • You can’t compare me to the other person, because there is no comparison. I am one of a kind and it is different.

 • I love the way I am, people’s approval is not needed.

 • Don’t show me your attitude. I have my own and if I show you that, you will not be able to handle it.

 • I usually prefer talking to myself than to deal with the stupid people.

 • I like dealing with the better class of people so I generally talk to myself and feel better.

Happiness attitude for WhatsApp

 • I am not cringy. I just have a violent reaction for stupid people.

 • A positive attitude towards life can surely make your dreams come true.

 • I never mind what I speak because I speak my mind and I think it’s the best thing to do.

 • I am not perfect but atleast I am original which makes me different from the rest.

 • Everything depends on your thinking whether it is a good thing or bad thing. So think wisely.

 • I am thankful to all those people in my life who left me in my bad times, I got more motivation after they left.

 • Before you judge me and think bad about me make sure that you are perfect in every aspect.

 • I don’t need to explain myself to people who think I am wrong. Because I know I am right.

 • I never insult people or let them feel bad, I just show them their level and tell them what they are.

 • Nobody moves. I just deleted the memories from my mind.

 • I am me and I don’t want to change myself for anyone anymore.

Quotes For Bf

 • I am permanently in love with your nature, your attitude towards me, everything in you, now and forever.

 • If he takes care of every little thing which makes you happy, then understand he is the only one.

 • If he loves you with all his whole and soul, value him and don’t do anything which makes him upset.

 • A perfect man is the one who loves you unconditionally for who you are and accepts all your flaws.

 • A man who loves you will never break your trust and understands your everything even without saying.

best attitude status in english

 • When you love the right person in your life everything seems perfect and beautiful.

 • I feel like you are much more to me than just my boyfriend because I can be myself with you.

 • I can share everything with you without any hesitation and I know you will not judge me ever and that makes me so happy.

 • Since the day I met you, I laugh a little harder and my life has become happier than ever.

 • I just wanted to tell you, you are the most amazing, caring, loving, understanding person I have in life.

 • If he is giving his everything just to see you happy, never ditch him for any reason.

 • Whenever you are there with me, I feel more safe, comfortable and confident with you.

 • Dear boyfriend, I may not be your first love or kiss. But I wanted to be your last and forever.

 • Thank you for making life easy when everything gets hard. Thank you for believing and supporting everything.

 • I get jealous and angry at times but that’s only because I get worried and don’t want to lose you ever.

 • I love you, it means that I will be there for you whenever you need me and will never leave you no matter what.

 • I love it when you send me cute texts and I smile everytime I read them.

 • When I look into your eyes, I see my today, tomorrow and the rest of my life.

 • The day I fell in love with you is the day when I realized what true love looks like.

 • I didn’t plan to fall in love with anyone but now I can proudly say you are the best thing that has ever happened to me.

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Quotes For Gf

 • You are the first thing in my mind when I wake up and the last thing when I go to sleep.

 • If you really love your girl, understand her, try to know what problems she is facing, help her to solve everything and make her happy.

 • If she is giving her everything just to see you happy, never make her feel sad by your behavior.

 • I want to be with you now and forever and make sure you get the best in life whatever you deserve.

 • I fell in love with the smile, tears and everything you do. It makes me feel even happier.

 • I fell in love not because of your looks but because of the beautiful heart you have.

 • I want to spend my whole life loving you, caring for you, respecting you and making your life worth living.

best attitude status for whatsapp

 •  A man who loves you truly will never allow you to face any difficulties in life which will break you down.

 • I want to live the rest of my life with you because you make me feel special and happy in every way.

 • For the first time in life I found someone that I can’t get enough of, the one who accepts me for who I am and the one whom I hate leaving.

 • I am totally, overwhelmingly, passionately, spectacularly in love with you.

 •  I have found the one who loves me for who I am, who loves my soul more than my face, who loves me unconditionally.

 • You are the reason I smile everytime I look into my phone and see your message.

 • To me you are the most perfect thing in life,   that makes me feel like I am the happiest person in the world.

 • I love you for all that you have, for the things you have done for me whenever I needed someone.

 • I just wanted you to know how much I love you. You are always there in my thoughts no matter wherever I go or whatever I do.

 • I have found the love of my life and the truest and closest friend in you.

 • I fall in love with you every single time I look into your eyes and I see your smile.

 • You literally have no idea how fast my heart speeds up when I see you and you come close to me.

 • At times I fight with you, shout at you, and get angry. But I can’t imagine my life without you. 

These were some of the best attitude status for you to share with your family and friends on WhatsApp.

Best Attitude Status can help you share your attitude with your best friend and help to strengthen bond of friendship.

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