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Searching for touchy status for WhatsApp? This is the best site to find heart touching status for your loving partner.

Do you want to know the best heart touching status for Whatsapp and WhatsApp Status you can use to win your lover or deeply express your feelings? Then I guess, it’s time to go through these best whatsapp status messages line. The words below have been carefully chosen while considering possible outcomes.

You don’t need to bother your thoughts anymore when you are burdened already with emotions. All you need to do is go through these lines and select the best suited for the present situation; No one prays that you always fall into emotional trauma anyway but it’s bound to occur.

Just express your thoughts in the deepest emotions with the listed heart touching status for WhatsApp and watch what your friend’s or lover’s response would be. They are short and easy for anyone to comprehend so you don’t have to rack your brain anymore.

Best Touchy Status

Missing someone is your heart’s way of reminding you that you love them.

My most painful memory is that day I walked away from you!

touchy status

Sometimes it’s better to be alone, at least nobody can hurt you!

Nobody deserves your tears, anyone who deserves them will not make you cry.”

Whenever I miss you I simply go through our old conversations and smile like an idiot.

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Don’t be so close to anybody because a small change in their behavior will hurt you a lot

Love is like a rubber band held at both ends by two people. When one exits, the other is hurt.

Never forget who was there for you when no one else was.

It’s better to be left lonely than to be played by bad people.

A beautiful dress may change the personality but it takes a beautiful behavior to change life

Whenever I miss you it seems every song I listen to talks about you

Find someone who can change your life, not your relationship status.

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Only you can put a smile on my face when I’m sad

Pain is the only thing that tells me that I’m still alive.

One day, you will surely see what you lost. One day I’ll see what I gained.

I hate the moment when suddenly my anger turns into my tears.

“Every time I trust someone, they always show me the reason I shouldn’t.”

Why am I so afraid to lose you when you are not even mine?

“My silence is just another word for pain “

It’s better to be lonely than to be played by the wrong people.

I hate being heartbroken. I hate that I cannot go back.

They ignore you until they need you

I don’t have a lot of friends, I just know a lot of people.

If you leave without a reason don’t come back with an excuse.

Waiting for you is like waiting for rain in a drought.

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Heart Touching Quotes For WhatsApp

When you are in love with someone, even though they hurt you and break your heart, you still love them in every respect!

Never make a promise when you’re happy.

touchy status

Though we are not close anymore, I will be here if you need me

Did I change or did you just stop loving me

Whenever I close my eyes, I see you. When I open my eyes you are not there.

Never reply when you are angry.

Loving you was my favorite mistake.

I’m here waiting for you….but you never come

Sometimes the person you trust most is the one who trusts you the least.

Never make a decision when you are sad.

It’s hard to forget someone who gave you so much to remember.

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Tears come from the heart and not from the brain.

I hope you will realize how much you are hurting me!

Sometimes your heart needs more time to accept what your mind already knows.

I’m in love with you and all your little things.

Until you went away my heart never knew loneliness.

I knew I was born to be yours from the very first time you touched me.

The most difficult phase of life is when you don’t understand yourself, not when no one understands you.

I don’t want your love by my force but by your choice.

Each night I lay my head on my pillow I try to tell myself I’m strong because I’ve gone one more day without you

I never hate you for not loving me anymore, but I hate myself for still loving you.

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A Promise means everything, but once it is broken, sorry then, it means nothing.

touchy status

Sometimes there is so much we feel but so little we can say.

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Touchy Status For Boyfriend

Love makes you thirsty but also provides comfort to quench the thirst.

Pain should never be perfected; not a chance.

Loving you is quite easy but forgetting you is hard.

Why is that with you, it’s always one step forward and twenty steps backward.

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A promise once broken means nothing but if kept means everything.

Do you know why I act like I don’t care? Because deep down, I care too much; it hurts.

Others are hurt by words, action or silence but being ignored by who we love is a thousand times hurtful.

Though you are not the alpha in my love book, I wish you will be the omega.

Sometimes, a person comes into our life to gives us the push we need to unveil the pull we have.

I remember how much I love you and hate how much I lost you.

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best secret love quotes

Sadly, I have to admit that I am a wallflower to you while you are a sunflower to me.

Sometimes the best friendships are initiated unexpectedly; all of a sudden you have someone to cry, laugh and get angry at.

I have discovered that loneliness hurts more when it’s caused by whom we love.

Isn’t it ironic that we only miss that which we had when it’s gone?

Sadly, it doesn’t matter who left in this relationship; all that matters is love left us.

Love has its weight; makes your heart light when she’s present and makes it heavy when she’s gone.

I was wandering in the dark and I couldn’t find my way. So I lit a candle but you brought the torch.

Your happiness shouldn’t depend on the approval of others. For you need nobody’s permission to be happy.

I was there, I am there, and I will be there; always and forever.

Sometimes love is scary; why you ask; because it makes you vulnerable.

Sometimes having the right people, not the best people as friends are what you really need.

It’s awfully simple to fall in love than simply awful it is to fall out of love.

Though he had to live my life, he will forever stay in my heart.

It’s hard to admit that even if you are near me, you are still far away that it hurts.

Life is a dance; having the right partners to accompany you is important.

Surely every true treasure is tested by pressure; likewise, every true relationship is tested by doubts.

touchy status

Though it’s been years you’ve been gone, I still feel your touch when I close my eyes.

My dear, I regret that I lost you but can you show me the way back to you.

You are my love and my life; for to deny you is to deny my existence.

touchy status

I will never forget how you have given me so much to remember.

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Heart Touching Captions

Don’t make a permanent decision for your temporary emotion.

touchy status

Never build your emotional life on the weaknesses of others.

I always like walking in rain, so no one can see me crying.

Sometimes the questions are complicated & the answers are simple

The greatest pain that comes from love, is loving someone who is not here…

I smile not because I’m always happy, but sometimes to hide the sadness

Never beg anyone to stay in your life. If they truly want to be a part of you, they can stay.

She used to be the girl who knew how to be happy even when she was sad, it’s important you know.

touchy status

True lovers are never apart. Though they may be distant, they are never in heart.

I’m not afraid to fall in love, but I am afraid to fall for the wrong person again.

Love only the one who loves you and not the one whom you love

I like having low self-esteem, it makes me feel special.

Falling in love with someone who doesn’t want you is the worst feeling ever.

touchy status

During the day, I keep myself busy as time passes. But at night, I really miss you.

Touchy Status For Girlfriend

Never put your own happiness in someone else’s hands…it’s really dangerous!

touchy status

Never give up on someone who you can’t spend a day without thinking

We can do only small things, but with great love, we can do great things.

You and I will make a wonderful day.

Your mind may be sad for not being with him, but your heart is happy just knowing him.

My one arm is enough to fight the world if only you will hold the other one!

My heart was taken by you, broken by you, and now it is in pieces because of you.

Crying does not imply that I am weak, it means I have a heart

You should learn to respect every single drop of water, whether it is from the sky or eye.

I’m surprised; people who were once close to me now act like total strangers

I may be nothing to you, but you are still my password

touchy status

A heart with trust always cries

Sometimes, one HELLO makes you never want to say GOODBYE

Silence turns out to be the most powerful scream

You can only if you think you can

A clear objection is far better than fake suggestions

I have come to realize that some people need to be kept in my heart and not in my life

Love does not change you, but situations do

You know what hurts me the most? It is the fact that I lost you

The only problem with me is that I still care.

“Be a person of ‘Impact’ not ‘In fact’ and don’t waste time to prove it because those who love you won’t need it and those who always keep on finding faults in you, won’t believe it.”

“There is a pleasure in the pain that we come across in life. Do not underestimate the power of that pain and pleasure. They exist to help you raise yourself beyond your limits.”

“Do not cheat your future based on the events that had happened in the past. It’s over.”

“Keep your friends in your heart and, lock them up there so as no one will ever dare to take them away from you.”

“Friendship is an art. Try to be the best artist as long as stars twinkle in the sky.”

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“A relationship is not a playground. If you feel bored, you can download games from the play store but, never away play with anyone’s emotions.”

“We met people with Luck, but it is the mutual coordination that helps everyone to keep the relationship alive.”

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“Distant friendships are the best ones, just like the rays of the sun during cold winter days.”

“When you are not the only one who thinks the same way as the person who is sitting next to you, you are crazy friends.”

“Words of enemies don’t hurt to the extent that a friend’s silence does.”

“A good friend is a reference map to your past and roadmap to the future.”

“We can buy all the luxuries of life with money, but a true friendship is a treasure to keep for a lifetime.”

“You have the master key to your heart. It depends upon you whom you want to let it and, you want to portray ‘do not disturb’ tag.”

Love Heart Touching Quotes

“There is a miracle in each experience we went through in life. Don’t regret it rather be grateful for it.”

“Let go of the moments that you never had but are just a part of your dangerous illusion.”

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“Life is an opportunity for those who make the most of it. Make sure your journey is cool.”

“All of us have many secrets. Make sure yours is not a complicated one.”

“Don’t put your loved ones secretly down. Try to be real with the ones who care for you.”

“God will always wipe away tour tears and mend your broken heart like a doctor.”

“Every ending is a sign that new things are coming your way.”

“One bad chapter in your life doesn’t mean that it is an end to good times in your life. It represents that the time has come to welcome new things.”

“Love exists to make your life worthwhile. If it doesn’t, that means it is just a dull sensation, nothing else.”

“You will always hate yourself for letting me go for my love was unconditional and out of any expectations in return.”

“Don’t cry and always keep smiling even during the worse moments of your life. Show them that your belief is stronger than the scars they had to give.

“If your partner doesn’t keep you happy, don’t give up because you may find your soul mate who will love you unconditionally.”

“Don’t reject yourself based on the opinion of others because they are just part of one page from one chapter of your life.”

“Be aware of the people who step on your heart. If they make you happy, keep them. If they don’t, push them away from your life.”

“Don’t convince yourself with a lie when your mind already knows the truth.”

“If you ever feel that the other person is treating you like an option, never make them your priority. Be happy and kick them off out of your life.”

“You cannot compel others to respect you but, you can show them that they are not so important in your life.”

“The energy is the most expensive thing. It’s up to you if you want to spend it on making your life miserable or happy.”

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“When someone lies to you and, you know the truth, handle the situation by being calm. It is the best revenge against that person.”

“Take a deep breath and beg yourself to stay away from the toxic people around you.”

“Don’t try harder for the person who doesn’t deserve your love, care, and trust.”

“When you are not sure what exactly you are feeling, it is an alarm to change yourself.”

“You are supposed to live for your body and your soul. First, keep them healthy; everything else is secondary.”

“To get a spiritual experience of your life, be positive in every situation, and live your life with grace.”

“Be beautiful for yourself. It doesn’t matter what others think of you.”

“Be present for the current situation. Forgive your past and welcome your future with positive vibes.”

“Be like a wind. Take everything with you and then settle down at last.”

“Do better if you know what it takes to be better and then keep it consistent.”

“Your life will change if you will have the courage to let it happen.”

touchy status

“Forget what has happened in the past and forgive those who act as daemons during that time. It is best for your happiness.”

That’s it! These are touchy status.

I hope you liked all quotes. These status and quotes will help you stay happy and peaceful in life.

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