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As a man, you deserve to be the king you are to get the queen you want. Being a king means living a king lifestyle and this is achieved by working towards it as well as redefining your positive attitude sometimes.

Being positive both in your life and on social media can be announced through your status.

A positive man is fearless, confident, smart, determined, courageous and you can share all these qualities with the right amount of bossiness, sarcasm, humor, assertiveness, self-assurance, and attitude.

These are Positive Attitude Status In English For WhatsApp.

Best Positive Attitude Status In English For WhatsApp

The biggest slap you can give your enemies is your success.

I’m a king; I’m the King Kong.

Positive Attitude Status In English For WhatsApp

The greatest shame you can give your enemies is your success.

In life, sometimes you smile. Other times, you sulk.

I’m unique; a limited edition you won’t see anywhere else.

Can you sing; get ready to call me king.

You say I’m short, I agree. But if size really matters, then why is the elephant not the king of the jungle.

If you are bad; it’s okay to call me dad.

I’m a Lion; I’m a king.

best Positive Attitude Status In English For WhatsApp

I wake up each morning and try to do be a better version of myself.

Positive Attitude Status In English For WhatsApp

One of the pleasures I indulge in is doing the things people say I can.

Let me share you a secret. Smiling at those who hate you kills them but being happy when they are around you kills them harder.

I forgive and forget but my notepad doesn’t.

Don’t let the lid fly off. Try cooling down when you are done steaming.

I am a leader; I don’t follow like a sheep.

I loved a girl, she broke my heart. I moved on. Simple!

Funny enough, I was born cool but global warming made me hot.

If you want to be with me then act like a queen.

Positive Attitude Status In English For WhatsApp

My personality depends on who I am while my attitude depends on who you are.

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King Attitude Status

Hakuna Matata; the motto to living like a king.

Beware, I’m skilled at karate and turning off boring people.

Positive Attitude Status In English For WhatsApp

A sign that you are on top is when people are trying to bring you down.

Don’t fret when someone doesn’t like you. A king can’t please everybody.

I don’t live trying to please everyone; only those who matter.

Being cashless is amazing; my credit cards do the talking.

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I’ll marry a girl who is beautiful a bit with a heart like a queen.

I listen to the voices in my head. Sometimes; they tell me awesome ideas.

Life is too short; I’m not living it on the short end.

I’m a king, I’m the boss.

Positive Attitude Status In English For WhatsApp

A chance to explore the chances of various solutions for a problem makes every day exciting for me.

I’m not perfect. I’ve got my special flaws making me a limited edition.

That which kills you is that which challenges me and makes me feel alive.

I see problems as pedestals to progress.

I don’t flee from problems and I laugh in the face of danger.

I wish there’s an antivirus in my heart; to not allow toxic people in.

They say time is precious; so waste it wisely.

Sure, if I give you this loan, be sure to leave me alone.

Nevertheless, I’m the sun in the center of your constellation.

I’ve no business being down here, see you at the top.

Positive Attitude Status In English For WhatsApp

This is my life and I live by my rules. You are welcome to either stay or go.

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Positive Attitude Status In English For WhatsApp

I don’t like pests and parasites; I’m sure you get the point.

I don’t care about your comparison of me. I know I’ve got no competition.

If you hate me, thank you. You are also a source of motivation for me.

Positive Attitude Status In English For WhatsApp

Note, I walk around like I don’t care who rules with the world.

Yes, I’m the stars in your universe.

I’ve reached that point where I don’t need to impress anybody. I’m way over that.

News flash; what others think of me is none of my business.

If life hands you a lemon, make lemonade. If handed to me, I’ll squirt it in people’s eyes.

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Did you forget to wear your positive pants today smart pants?

Being surrounded by amazing people is amazing. Well, how would you know?

If you get offended when I treat you the same way you treat me, then do check yourself.

I believe an apple a day will keep anyone away. I just have to throw it hard enough.

Positive Attitude Status In English For WhatsApp

I live each day trying to transform my expectations into appreciations.

Life may not be the party we want but I’ll do well to dance.

Nowadays, I walk into a room and wonder if I like the people in it.

I don’t pray to have an easy life. I pray for strength and grace to be granted victories.

My life is not easy; it’s an exhilarating experience.

Live a life with no regrets; that’s what I’m doing now.

There are footsteps on the moon. So the sky is never the limit.

I’m thankful to those who leave me, it creates space to meet better folks.

While you are there having a blast, I’m here creating a future that’s meant to last.

I won’t let bad people discourage me from being good.

Scratch equality. Ladies, and gentlemen, let’s promote equity.

I work hard and work smart to work less. Think about it.

Positive Attitude Status In English For WhatsApp

Be yourself always. Plagiarism is an offense.

Positive Attitude Quotes Captions

Interestingly, I have a degree in the art of understanding slow people.

I don’t insult people; I only give them raw truth.

Positive Attitude Status In English For WhatsApp

I’m not rude; I’m just honestly blunt.

If you complain that I’m busy, try being busy as well.

Silence is the best response I give when dealing with a fool.

I’m not different; I grew up and you should try that as well.

I don’t discriminate but I can never work with incompetent fools.

Whether I’m good or bad is up to me; your opinion doesn’t matter.

Want to know what’s insignificant; your opinion of how I look.

You want to argue; carry on. I’m too busy for such.

Virginity is not dignity not stupidity. It’s just a lack of opportunity; just saying.

Checking my status again; go get a life.

Positive Attitude Status In English For WhatsApp

Listen, how you treat me matters; only to you, I guess.

When your friends dwindle but your enemies build up; that’s also a sign of success.

You need an attitude to impress me; I only work with people who have a backbone.

Eat, work, sleep, repeat! That’s why you are still stuck in the same position.

Eat, work sleep, repeat; enough of that; do something different.

Not all men are fools. If you doubt otherwise, you haven’t met me.

I talk to myself when I need to converse with someone as smart as I am.

I’m not rude, I just very selective of the company I keep.

You are wrong if you think I’m bad; I’m the worst.

I found your big nose up in my business again, please keep it on a tighter leash.

You laugh at me because I’m different. I laugh at you because you belong to the herd.

Positive Attitude Status In English For WhatsApp

I apologize. I forget that you are not smart sometimes.

Super Positive Attitude Status In English For WhatsApp

This is not an insult. It’s just an honest description.

Remember, your happiness kills your enemies every time.

Positive Attitude Status In English For WhatsApp

I’m responsible for my actions but not for your response.

I am not sorry that you hate me; I’ve got bigger things to think of.

You don’t need to like my attitude. I don’t like you.

Complaining about my handwriting; try understanding my font better.

Listen, dear, learn to stand out in life as I do. Okay!

If you say I have an attitude problem than maybe you have a perception problem.

Your beauty is skin deep right; my attitude is bone-deep.

I don’t want no headache or dram form you. Please, stay away!

I love everyone. Some I love to laugh with, others I love to imagine punching them in the face.

Positive Attitude Status In English For WhatsApp

If you can’t speak sarcasm, then maybe you aren’t smart enough.

To tolerate and understand unwise people is an art. I deserve an award for doing every day.

Remember, a smart cookie doesn’t have a crumbling attitude.

Life is a kitchen and I’m here to whip you something hot and serve you something delicious.

Treat me like a game and I’ll be the best player, winner and your coach all in one.

I’m original; I’m worth more than a copy.

I may not be the best out there but I’m the right one here.

Positive Attitude Status In English For WhatsApp

Remember, you are a king. Act like one, speak like one, live like one and share a king status like one.

Cool Attitude Status For WhatsApp

I am a rebellious beauty, I’m beautiful, and I don’t get told what to do.

Knowing me is awesome, you can’t forget the spice that comes with me.

Even when people change and things don’t go as planned. I act as if nothing’s changed because, in the end, life goes on, no matter what.

Positive Attitude Status In English For WhatsApp

You ever been in that mood? That mood when nothing seems important to you, and you wanna be all by yourself, that’s my mood right now.

On a sunny day, I’m all bright and happy, on a rainy day, I’m so dull and gloomy, I wanna have the sun for the day and rain by night.

When you meet stupid people, you know they are stupid, but the stupid people don’t know about their stupidity, same way I know you’re stupid and you don’t know.

If hate was a job, I know people who would be billionaires by now.

Some people consider me important only when they need something from me, well, I’ll do them the honors of pointing out that fact.

The first two hours after I wake is for me, I and myself, any other person isn’t allowed to interrupt my peace.

If I could speak my mind exactly the way it is, I’m sure I would be so friendless already.

Everyday I wake up to find so much to do, the amazing thing is that I don’t see myself getting it done.

Positive Attitude Status In English For WhatsApp

Most times, when I see people acting the way they do, I wonder if I’m not an alien.

When someone tells you that you’ve changed, ask them if changing means updating the version of who you are.

That awesome feeling knowing that you care less about what others think of you and knowing the feeling is mutual.

I’d rather have one real friend than have millions of fake people as friends.

Fake friends are everywhere, in the shit hole, in the waste bin or trash can, in the drainage, that goes to say you don’t have to go far to get fake friends.

Having a true friend is like having a rare diamond, everyone craves for it, but not everyone is allowed to have it.

If people were allowed to read minds, I’d be dead by now from the slaps I would have received.

Positive Attitude Status In English For WhatsApp

I heard that money talks, well, money has refused talking to me, it only waves goodbye at me, I’ve got to learn money language.

Great Positive Attitude Status In English For WhatsApp

It’s so annoying smiling at people who you know have talked shit about you. It’s hard to resist the urge to give them a dose of their own medicine.

Most times, I don’t plan what comes out from my mouth when I talk, I always end up being as surprised as others when they hear me talk.

Positive Attitude Status In English For WhatsApp

No song can adequately capture my feelings right now, I think I have to create my genre of music.

Respecting people doesn’t come naturally to me, if you noticed that I respect you, you should know that you own a special place in my heart.

Call it ego or whatever you want, I don’t know how to apologize for what I didn’t do wrong, and sometimes what I did wrong.

One thing I’m still trying to understand is how animals try so hard to behave humanly, while humans don’t even have to try, they behave like animals easily.

If there was a time I was bad to you, please forgive me for taking so long to come to terms with who you are because I know I have a good heart and would never hurt a fly.

If everyone were perfect, then we wouldn’t have any word like ‘imperfect’ and the world would have been so boring.

I don’t know how I easily switch from being the best friend ever to the worst enemy, probably your attitude towards me is the main switch.

The older you get, the more you come to realize that you’ve seen enough shit and you’ve got no chill to deal with more shit.

Ignoring some people gives you peace while ignoring others cease your friendship, your attitude towards me decides why I ignore you.

The coolest friends you will ever have are those who say shit to your face and say the nicest words behind your back.

I don’t give a damn if you like me or not, so far you’re not the one paying my bills and you ain’t responsible for my happiness, who cares?

Wonder why I have a small circle of friends? That’s just because I choose quantity over quality over and over again.

Consider yourself lucky to have me in your life cos I’m a limited edition with no duplicate, you can only get a counterfeit.

I feel so bad for those who think they know me, they only know the minutest part of me I choose to show.

Cute, hot, sweet, classy, yeah, that’s me.

I’ve stopped chasing my dreams since they won’t let me catch them, I’ll leave them to do the chasing now.

Girlish Attitude Status

Giving me attitude is never a problem, the problem comes when I give you attitude, not just attitude but the attitude with ice and spice.

Bad energy: ACCESS DENIED; Positive vibes: ACCESS GRANTED; That’s the state of my mind right now.

Every passing day is an opportunity for me to remember that pleasing everyone is impossible, but pissing everyone off? That’s me being natural.

Knowing that your haters are your number one fan is knowing that your haters are indirectly your followers.

Love me or hate me, it doesn’t change or move me.

A lot of people secretly don’t like me, News flash, I know.

It’s crazy how people become so comfortable being fake and forget how real they were.

They only ask questions to know how far you’ve gone without them, don’t ever think they care about your well-being.

Losing a fake friend is a win, it simply means one less battle to fight.

If you’ve experienced staying alone and enjoying your own company for so long, you wouldn’t want to interact with humans anymore.

While some people are battling with different brain problems, some are immune to it since they don’t have brain.

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