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100+ Attitude Status In English To Share Now

Looking for the best attitude status in English? Yeah! You have arrived at the right website. In this article, you will find an amazing collection of attitude status in English which can help you to share with your family and friends. 

These attitude status in English will help share your feelings and emotions to your loved ones, family and friends. 

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Attitude Status In English For Girls

 • You will not get another girl like me, baby! Because I’m a limited edition.

 • Have a problem with me ? That’s okay ! I don’t give a shit.

 • If u think I am not ur type then go and get a life.

 • I am a girl everyone wishes to be.

 • Be a girl with beauty, a lady with class and a bitch with an attitude.

 • Bitch don’t show me your attitude because mine is thousand times more than yours.

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 • Be like a butterfly. Beautiful to see but hard to catch.

 • I hate being compared with others.

 • Do you hate me? Woww ! That’s cute.

 • I hate changing myself for others.

 • Before judging me, show me your perfect skills.

 • I am a girl who plays with mind not heart.

 • I am a bad bitch with a pure soul.

 • Hate me? Ok! Who does even care.

 • They can’t be like me so they hate me.

 • Be the role model of your own life.

 • If I were a thunderstorm, I know whom to destroy.

 • If you want to live with me, give me a good vibe. 

Quotes For Boys

 • I have a personality that you can never handle.

 • I am a boy with class and a man with six figure income.

 • I never insult people, I just show them their level.

 • I am a good boy until you mess with me.

 • I don’t call it attitude because this is actually what I am.

 • Boys may lie more but girls lie better.

 • Forget the haters because I never count them in my life.

 • Don’t hate me before knowing me.

 • I like to walk in the rain because it don’t show my tears.

 • Talk anything about me or hate me, I just don’t care.

Attitude status in English for girls
Attitude Status in English for Girls

 • Heyy you, the one reading this just got lost!

 • I am a boy who is as cool as ice and hot as hell. It depends on how you want to see me.

 • Don’t come to me with the same shit thinking I’ll tolerate you because now I have updated my version.

 • I’ve not changed, I just stopped giving shit to anyone anymore.

 • Don’t play with me now because I’ve learned some good playing skills.

 • I am back with the same attitude.

 • You left me because I was financially weak. Now I have owned a company and unfortunately your husband works as my employee.

 • If you don’t like my personality, then stay away from me because I don’t give a shit.

 • I am not arrogant, I just speak the truth which you can’t digest.

 • I like the way I’m your approval is not needed.

Attitude Status In English After Breakup

 • The one who said,” I can’t live without you” is now enjoying being with someone else.

 • I care for you more than your parents did but you were not worth it.

 • You will get hurt extremely if you love someone more than they deserve.

 • Now you don’t even deserve my hate, dude!

 • I don’t know how people fake their whole relationship. I do not even fake a smile to anyone.

 • People start giving you importance only when you start ignoring them.

 • You will know my importance at the time when people will start treating you the same way you treated me.

 • Thinking of you sucks now.

Attitude status in English For Boys

 • Love? Noo! Rather I would prefer a cupcake.

 • You made me such a monstrous person who can never love anyone in life.

 • I just came from a doctor, he told me that I had a problem and suddenly I realized its ‘you’.

 • Just now I realize I deserve better than you.

 • Don’t search for me in another person because you will not get another caring and loyal one ever after.

 • You took me for granted and I will leave you like you never mattered.

 • I may not be perfect for you but I am perfect for myself and that matters the most for me.

 • I am confused, should I ignore you or show your real level ?

 • I think people forget that having someone loyal and faithful in life is a blessing that should not be taken for granted.

 • Do not give your past a power to control your future.

 • I wish you need me someday as I did and I ignore you the way you did.

 • Roses are red, violets are blue. I’d rather be happy than be with you.

 • Before leaving you told me I deserve better. And guess what! I actually deserve the best.

 • Love is a game for liars and pain for loyals.

 • I was better than your ex and will surely be best than your next. 

Best Cool Attitude Quotes

 • People with high status do not need status.

 • Some people think I am short tempered. And actually I am like that.

 • Bury them with your smile and kill them with success.

 • If I avoid coming in contact with you that means I am avoiding your stupidity.

 • My BACK is not a voicemail so better talk on my face.

 • You might be thinking you are fooling me. But don’t forget I am the principal of that school where you are studying.

 • Live like a king. Don’t care who the hell rules the world.

 • Stop spreading shit if you want me to control my anger.

 • Excuse me! I found something inside my pocket. Oh! it’s your attitude.

 • It makes me laugh looking at people who judge others mistake and also repeats the same thing.

 • Jealousy is a dreadful disease. I hope you get rid of it early.

 • You think I am a bad person? No. I am the worst.

 • I am a good person who loves to do weird things and doesn’t care about anyone.

 • Love me or hate me. I don’t give a shit. You can’t even change me.

 • I don’t pretend to be someone I am not because I am a real person.

best attitude status
Best Attitude Status

 • I don’t like people who give free advice so keep it with you until I ask for it.

 • You need more enemies in life than friends to become more successful.

 • I just describe you. If you feel insulted, it’s not my fault.

 • If you can’t accept your personality and laugh at yourself then just call me.

 • Good girls keep notes, bad girls don’t have enough time to waste.

 • If you look only at my mistakes then make a separate diary with you because I have done a PhD in making mistakes.

 • The biggest achievement in life is to do something that people think you can’t.

 • I don’t believe in revenge. I shut everyone’s mouth by my achievements.

 • When I will die, surely going to haunt some people who take so much interest to know me.

Royal Attitude Status In English

 • Eat, sleep, exercise and die anyway.

 • I will become a role model for many, not immediately but definitely.

 • My style is the reflection of who I am.

 • For a fool like you, I prefer to remain silent than to argue.

 • If you don’t like me, blame yourself because it is the result of your own actions.

 • I will live my life in my way. So you better stay away from it.

 • I’m sorry, I forget that I am dealing with the idiot.

 • I usually don’t get in fights with ugly people because they have nothing left to lose.

 • I’m not changed. I just become the better version of myself and you should try too.

 • Don’t dare to judge me because you’ll be proven wrong.

best whatsapp quotes

 • Your attitude may hurt people but mine can kill you.

 • I don’t entertain idiots because I cannot go down to their level.

 • Love your haters. They always help you to achieve your goals in life.

 • People laugh at me as I am different and I laugh at them as they all are the same.

 • You think you are an excellent player but don’t forget I am your coach.

 • It is better being in a Rolls Royce than in a relationship.

 • I will not let your cheap bad attitude ruin my good attitude.

 • Everybody doesn’t like me but not everyone matters.

 • You like me ? Great! You hate me ? Great!

 • Never run behind those who avoid you. 

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Attitude Status In English About Life

 • You can only get success in life when you will stop caring about negative people.

 • Always consider yourself as a different person and stop comparing yourself with others.

 • Don’t treat me like a game or I will show you how it’s played.

 • A life without challenges is a life without happiness.

 • If you want to become successful in this new era then you need to compete in a new and unique way.

 • I don’t care even if the whole world is against me because I know I can do better than anyone.

 • Ignoring negative people is the only way to a happy life.

 • I am only responsible for what I utter not for how you take it.

 • If you never give up on yourself then it is hard for everyone to beat you.

 • Don’t let the negative thinking of people disturb your positive mind.

 • I don’t like to share my life in public. After all, I am not a WhatsApp status.

 • No one is more than you once you get to know your worth.

 • Dear life I love you even when you are unfair with me.

attitude status cool

 • I am way more awesome than you.And that is fair enough.

 • Patience also has limits.

 • Basically I am deleting you from my life, the moment I delete your number.

 • I am a living example of the fact that legends never die.

 • Follow your heart but don’t forget to follow your brain with you.

 • I don’t like to argue with the fools so I prefer to stay silent and let them win the argument.

 • You think I am a nerd? No. I am way smarter than you could ever imagine.

 • It is not your fault if you don’t like me because not everyone has a good taste.

 • I heard that dreams come true so I like dreaming about the impossible stuff.

 • I am the unique combination of ”Really sweet” and “Don’t dare to mess with me.”

 • Work for a clause and not for applause.

 • I can’t afford to pay attention to your stupidity as I am so poor.

Attitude Status In English For Ex-Gf

 • Don’t cry because everything is over just smile because her new boyfriend looks like a donkey.

 • Happiness is seeing your ex with someone more uglier than you.

 • Rest in peace to the feelings I had for the most undeserving person.

 • I realized that I deserve much more after my ex left me.

 • I never feel jealous by seeing my ex- girlfriend with someone else because my parents taught me to give my used things to someone less fortunate.

 • Nobody cares about the past, everyone just asks for present so get over her.

 • My ex-girlfriend’s status was,”On the edge and suicidal.” So I just poked her.

 • Listen my dear ex, you are leaving me? That’s all right. Just wanted to say go directly to hell rather moving left or right.

 • Thank you baby for changing and making my life a beautiful place by leaving.

 • After dumping Tata safari, which was you, got a new Ferrari.

 • She was not an asshole. She was the whole ass.

 • One of the worst days in my life was when I met you.

 • I don’t think about your opinion because that doesn’t matter anymore.

 • Hold your head high and middle finger higher and let her know what she is missing.

 • One day you are going to miss me and that love and care I showered on you and that time you will hate yourself for letting me go.

attitude status for girls

 • I am not going to delete or block you because I want you to see how happy and successful without you.

 • Cheers to my ex for finding someone as useless and worthless as she was.

 • If I could go back to the day I met you, I would turn around and go another way.

 • Don’t blame her because you get disappointed, blame yourself as you expected too much from the wrong person.

 • Leave her alone, that’s what she wants and she actually deserves.

 • You let go of a diamond while collecting rocks.

 • Don’t be guilty. Trusting you was my mistake not yours.

 • I will give you extra makeup so that you can eat some and get beautiful from inside too.

 • You were my cup of tea but I drink cappuccino now which you can’t even afford.

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